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A Powerful Tool to Emulate Android on Windows!

Denise Waters

WindowsAndroid is basically an Android emulator which not only allows a user to mirror their Android devices onto their Desktops but see the whole window then the operating system. It works in a user-friendly manner and is very easy to navigate through.
Windows Android EXE can help people use their Android devices on a computer, just as they would on their phones, without any difficulty or complication. The software is quick to install and start and doesn’t offer many problems.
The mouse on your Windows device would work as your fingers do on a touchscreen with the help of Windows Android. Unlocking the device can be done easily by just clicking on the icon and moving it to the right. One can even configure the setting and other options like date and time via the PC.
Once you’ve installed the Windows Android Installer, you can easily search for a number of applications and games on Google Play store and enjoy them on your computer. The best part about doing this is that since there wouldn’t be a memory problem like in your phone, you can experience any number of games on the big screen of your PC.


  • One step installation and convenient emulation of your Android.
  • Simplistic interface and easy to understand tools.
  • Fully compatible to use Android apps on PC.
  • Supports both full-screen & windowing mode.
  • Compatible with a mouse, keyboard and remote controls.
  • Can run on all Windows devices.
  • Integrated with applications such as Windows Media Player, Flash, etc.
  • Natively runs Android on your Windows PC.
  • No requirement of BIOS installation and various configurations.

The reason why users are downloading the Windows Android Emulator for PC so frequently is that it brings all the features of a basic Android emulator apart from the added advantage of being extremely user-friendly, something even beginners can comfortably use.

Name: WindowsAndroid
Developer: Socketeq
App Version: v4.0.3
App Size: 64.8 MB
Supported Windows: Windows XP & Higher
Category: Tools > Operating Systems
License Type: Free
Downloads: 2,000,000+

Download WindowsAndroid Free for PC to gain access to a convenient and seamless way of using your Android applications on your Desktop screens, without the need of virtual machines.


  • Windows XP or higher is required for this version of WindowsAndroid.

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