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WhatsApp Desktop

0.3.1475 for Android WhatsApp, Inc.

Your Conversations Now on Your Desktop!

Denise Waters

WhatsApp Desktop is the PC version for our favorite communication messenger app, which allows us to enjoy all the features of this app now on our desktop screens.
WhatsApp Desktop App allows users to sync the app on their Android with their computers and use it freely on either of the two devices. When you set up the app, you will have to scan the QR code visible on screen with your phone’s QR scanner. This will cause all your conversations and contacts to also be available on your PC.
Unlike the web version of WhatsApp where one had to run the application on a browser like Chrome or Firefox, WhatsApp Desktop Version has an individual browser dedicated just to the app and works just how applications work on your phones.
WhatsApp Desktop EXE has the advantage that there are keyboard shortcuts you can use for different functions and same as on your phone, there are individual desktop notifications which will be made available.
Another useful feature is that the chats on your desktop will also be secured with end-to-end encryption to maintain the highest level of privacy. Moreover, WhatsApp Desktop for PC is available free of cost and does not contain advertisements within the app.
Having individual conversations or making groups is the same as the Android version and users can use the webcam to take pictures from within the WhatsApp Desktop app or also share media already existing on their hard drive. The computer’s mic can also be used to record voice messages and share them.


  • Have a conversation from your computer.
  • Share media directly from the PC.
  • Make groups of up to 256 members.
  • End-to-end encryption for added privacy.
  • Use your computer’s webcam and mic for capturing photos and audios.
  • Individual desktop notifications for everything.
  • Ability to use the messenger on either phone or desktop.

The best part about WhatsApp Desktop Messenger is that for a lot of users who work on their PCs for most of the day, this app offers a simple solution to allow them to hold conversations without having to check their phone constantly.

Name: WhatsApp Desktop
Developer: WhatsApp, Inc.
App Version: v0.3.1475
App Size: 136.37 MB
Supported Windows: Windows 8 & Higher
Category: CommunicationInstant Messaging
License Type: Free
Downloads: 3,900,000+

Download WhatsApp Desktop for Windows to enjoy all the features of this popular messenger app, even on your computers and never miss out on a message even while working.


  • Windows 8 or higher is required for this version of WhatsApp Desktop.

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