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Indispensable Tool for Everyone to Organize Photos!

Denise Waters

Picasa is a handy and indispensable tool for everyone to organize and manage their photos well as well as edit them and organize them. Picasa EXE helps catalog images according to the user’s preferences and sorts out their photos in the best way possible.
Picasa for PC has a unique and attractive interface which makes working on it much more fun and interesting. One can configure certain folders on their drive to automatically sync with the software so that the user doesn’t have to manually import photos. Everytime you open the software, it displays all the pictures itself.
Users can add tags to their photos via Picasa photo viewer according to certain locations or people so that searching from them in the future becomes easier. Photos can be moved into different folders or reorganized as you want by simply dragging and dropping them in the respective folder.
Picasa Photo Editor also lets users edit the photos as they wish to. There aren’t a lot of high-class editing tools like in Photoshop but one can easily carry out color adjustment, crop the photos, resize them, correct red eyes, enhance the photos, straighten them or even adjust brightness.
Another useful feature is that one can create a collage, presentation, slideshow, montages, and even short movies via the Picasa for Windows. You simply have to select pictures and the software gets to work, making a new creation. Users can view this in the external Picasa viewer and even share their creations on other platforms like Google+, Blogger or Google photos.
Picasa Software is compatible with almost all formats like TIF, GIF, PNG, AVI, BMP, MPG and so on. After one is done editing photos, a user can view the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of a photo and marvel at their impressive work.


  • Efficient photo organizer and manager.
  • Edit photos with a wide array of tools.
  • Share creations on other platforms and via email.
  • Create videos, slideshows, presentations etc.
  • Print photos directly from the software.
  • Integrated viewer to see photos and parallel edition support.
  • Geo-tag or tag photos with specific persons.
  • Detect empty and duplicate albums to save space.

Picasa 2019 is a comprehensive and intuitive software with a very interactive interface which can even help beginners organize and modify their photos to their likes and dislikes.

Name: Picasa
Developer: Google
App Version: v3.9.141
App Size: 16.5 MB
Supported Windows: Windows XP & Higher
Category: Design and PhotographyPhoto Viewer
License Type: Free
Downloads: 5,000,000+

Download Picasa for Windows to gain access to a tool that lets you manage photos right from importing and editing them to sharing them with others. A useful and all-in-one app, it offers all the important features a good photo editor should have.


  • Windows XP or higher is required for this version of Picasa.

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