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Convert Any Kind of File, Be It Images, Videos, Audios or Documents!

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FormatFactory is an indispensable program for users who want to easily convert their files from one format to another. FormatFactory PC is a useful conversion tool which can effortlessly convert any kind of file, be it images, videos, audios or documents, either individually or even altogether in larger groups.
Format Factory for PC is capable of handling almost all different types of formats for both the input file and the final output. It makes use of three powerful conversion tools which are MEncoder, FFmpeg and CxImage for audios, videos and images respectively. Users can choose from a wide variety of options regarding the format they wish to convert the file to.
This is a very important advantage as this allows us to convert files to those formats which are even supported on different platforms like Android, iOS, Mac and even gaming consoles. Format Factory for Windows even helps burn files onto a disc or rip contents from a DVD.
Another very useful feature of FormatFactory EXE is the fact that it allows us to edit the files too. Users can merge or crop audios and videos, to modify their size and even adjust their quality between low, medium or high. Users also have the option of seamlessly repairing any multimedia files which may be damaged.


  • Quick and efficient conversion of files into other formats.
  • Merge multiple audio and video files together.
  • Burn a CD/DVD or extract its contents onto your PC.
  • Repair any damage to multimedia files.
  • Compress files to make them compatible with many platforms and websites.
  • Convert batches of files altogether.

All these varied features are the reason for so many cases of Format Factory download which are contributing well to its popularity among computer users.

Name: FormatFactory
Developer: Chenjunhao
App Version: v4.4.1.0
App Size: 51.72 MB
Supported Windows: Windows XP & Higher
Category: MultimediaConverters
License Type: Free
Downloads: 6,000,000+

Download Format Factory Free for PC to gain access to a software which is user-friendly, has a well integrated and simple interface and will be your best solution for dealing with various files in different formats.


  • Windows XP or higher is required for this version of FormatFactory.

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