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All-in-One Tool to Monitor the Health of the Hard Drive!

Denise Waters

CrystalDiskInfo is the all-in-one tool to monitor the health of your hard drive and ensure your computer works at its best possible rate. It is a utility tool which can give out all the information of your Hard disk to ensure you are updated about its working condition.
Crystal Disk Info Windows is a comprehensive software which will display all the ‘SMART’ information regarding your hard-disk and this is important as it will help you estimate when it has lived its life and needs to be changed. It also gives out the temperature and the health status, including the number of hours it has been used for at a stretch.
CrystalDiskInfo PC can be configured to give alerts regarding the usage of a hard disk in case there is a problem in the system. These alerts can be either sound alerts or even mail alerts, notifying you very conveniently.
All the information of your hard drive like temperature, buffer size, firmware etc is made available at the bottom of the screen, with the general health status on top. The CrystalDiskInfo for Windows shows a blue or green box if your hard drive’s health is good and red if it isn’t doing so well.
Users can keep the program running in the in the system tray so that it collects a history of the working of your hard disk and helps you analyze any particular aspect of its evolution. One can even use the CrystalDiskInfo for PC to configure the time required for a program to open after startup and the frequency when it comes to an application being refreshed.
The program has a very clean and minimalistic interface which can easily be understood by any layman as well. All the information we receive is important to create a backup of our data before some error is caused and we discard it.


  • An effortless way to keep your hard drive’s health in check.
  • Alerts about any errors or problems.
  • Configure settings regarding the working.
  • Lightweight software with less resource usage.
  • Generates history of aspects we wish to analyze.
  • Clean and easy to understand interface.
  • Compatible with HDD, SSD and USB-HDD.

The CrystalDiskInfo software is an apt one to always be aware of your computer systems and access various options to configure the settings as per your convenience.

Name: CrystalDiskInfo
Developer: Hiyohiyo
App Version: v7.7.0
App Size: 3.76 MB
Supported Windows: Windows XP & Higher
Category: ToolsDisk Tools
License Type: Free
Downloads: 700,000+

Download CrystalDiskInfo for Windows to always ensure the best health for your computer and hard drive and ensure no errors lag its working or cause it to crash.


  • Windows XP or higher is required for this version of CrystalDiskInfo.

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