1.6 for Windows CSwarzone

Shoot the Enemy Before They Shoot You!

Denise Waters

Counter-Strike is the perfect ‘First Person Shooter’ game which has been around long enough to make us realize that come what may, it was the best and will continue to be the best. The game is basically a shooting game where the objective is simple, destroy the enemy before they destroy you.
Counter-Strike 1.6 can help one be a part of the greatest shooting game in history and do so along with their friends. There are two teams which are the terrorist team and the anti-terrorist team. The player has to join one of these and complete their mission before the other team does so.
The missions can be bomb defusal or bomb planting, hostage rescue or taking hostages or even saving the VIP, who is an anti-terrorist, from getting assassinated. Counter-Strike EXE gives us the opportunity to take part in these thrilling and exciting missions, which also have a time limit.
Counter-Strike for Windows also gives us the opportunity to build up our inventory before the mission starts. This means that the players can buy new weapons, armour, bomb disposal equipment and anything else which is required to complete their mission.
The money to buy this equipment however has to be earned by winning previous rounds of the game. If a player dies in a certain round, their inventory is also discarded and they start again with basic equipment. Coordination is paramount in the CS 1.6 and victory can only be achieved when all players work together and work efficiently.
The map has certain areas which one has to reach to accomplish the final objective of the game and players have to ensure the terrorists don’t escape out from under them. Counter-Strike 2019 has a scoreboard which showcases all the kills and deaths and also another vital information privy only to the player’s own team.


  • Shooting game with set objectives.
  • Customization of own equipment and arsenal.
  • Eliminating the enemy & achieve objectives on the map.
  • Diffuse bombs, rescue hostages or safeguard own men.
  • High-quality graphics and HD surround sound.
  • Multiplayer mode for the group effort.
  • Time limits for each mission.

Counter-Strike Game is not just a video game where people shoot each other and go down the path to victory. It has a well thought out and developed game-play which requires one to strategize before going on a mission.

Name: Counter-Strike
Developer: CSwarzone
App Version: v1.6
App Size: 251.85 MB
Supported Windows: Windows XP & Higher
Category: GamesAction
License Type: Free
Downloads: 21,000,000+

Download Counter-Strike for PC to get access to a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping game where you fight your battles smartly to emerge as the winner before the enemy does.


  • Windows XP or higher is required for this version of Counter-Strike.

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