A Torrent Website Offering All The Digital Contents in Extremely High Quality!

Denise Waters


YTS, another name for YIFY Torrents, is a Torrent website offering all the digital content in extremely high quality. Following the BitTorrent protocol, this website is used for peer-to-peer file sharing and provides magnet links and torrent files to do the same. Thus you can share these files with anyone else who uses the same protocol, no matter which part of the world they may be in.
The name YIFY was derived from the name of the website’s founder, Yiftach Swery and the site was founded in the year 2010. The website had originally started off as Yify movies in which the developer encoded HD movies in a very small package and uploaded them to The Pirate Bay. However, realizing the huge public following Yify movies had earned, they decided that it needed its own Torrents website and that is when YTS was launched officially.
When it comes to a collection of content, YTS is, without doubt, the one which has the largest library of contents. The website is quite clean, simple and looks good as well. There is no end to the number of movies it has and you can rest assured that whatever you search for, will be made available in the best quality possible. Though the website seems to be focused on movies, there are plenty of other things like music, software, games, etc that you can download from the same.
Another reason for the site’s popularity is the great downloading and seeding speed it offers, which is much faster than many others. The interface of the website is quite easy to browse and on the first page itself it will show you what’s trending and the hottest movies released. It will also show all the latest releases so that you can browse them across them.
There was a point in the year 2015 when the site was shut down and everyone believed it was the end of YTS however, the site revived itself and is still available on the internet. It is supposedly running well on different domain names, but there are plenty of mirror sites that claim to be the official one too. So, inspect the website well before you make a choice. The original site is quite safe but these mirror ones can harm your computer and its safety. Lastly, keep in mind that you must always use a VPN when using the site, lest you want to be caught up in a legal battle.

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