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Denise Waters

Torrentz2, at present, is the most famous meta-search engine among all the torrent sites out there. It’s like a super index of torrents. So basically, when you search for any file on Torrentz2, it shows the results with the magnet links of the searched file. These results conclude searches from over a dozen of torrent websites and are arranged in decreasing order of popularity and reliability of the links.
Torrentz2’s super-simplified interface is a treat for everyone. The home page contains the ‘Search’ box using which you can limit your search by writing down the specific file name. The site does not contain any kind of malicious content to harm your device, although the links you select from search results may lead you to third-party websites. Thus, choosing a trusted website link is suggested here. Even the ads are not a problem as they are limited to a very small space.
At the moment, Torrentz2 has a collection of more than 100 million torrents to offer the visitors here. The back end of the Torrentz2 is supported by more than 80 domains offering an array of choices to the users. This is an important factor contributing to the popularity of the website. It is for this reason that more than a million visitors fulfill their entertainment desires on this website every week.
Torrentz2 is a mirror website of the original ‘Torrentz’ site which went offline in the middle of 2016. Torrentz2 went online just a week after Torrentz demise. It was one of the many mirrored sites to come online after ‘Torrentz’ shutdown but the only one to survive and handle the heat of fierce traffic. However, Torrentz2 remained honest and have never claimed any alliance with the original website.
Although, Torrentz2 is a part of the internet that faces legal issues regularly for providing copyright content to its users just like other torrent sites. Thus, it is not available everywhere in the world as many countries have blocked it with the help of ISP’s. So, in order to access it, you may have to use a proxy site or a VPN service provider but still, the site is definitely worthy of making efforts for.
So go and enjoy the torrent world and say goodbye to all chaos of searching multiple websites instead just got the one – Torrentz2!

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