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RARBG might have started out as just another Torrent site, but soon grew to popularity to be one of the most popular websites among the BitTorrent community. It provides users with magnet links and torrent files which they can download. The site even facilitates peer-to-peer sharing which can help you share all your favorite content with your friends over the internet.

RARBG Website

The RARBG website was founded in 2008 and has had a fairly good ride since then. It was just shut down for a week in December 2008, but since then, hasn’t encountered any major legal battles. However, the website is blocked in quite a few countries like the UK, Finland, Australia, Ireland, India etc and if you belong to one of them, you probably would not be able to access it.

RARBG Proxy Sites

The official domain name of the website is RARBG.to but it has other names as well. So if you can’t find the original site, you should try these names, one of them is bound to work The RARBG Proxy India is suffixed with .in.  Also, you can find the best RARBG proxies at rargbmirror.com

  • rarbg.com
  • rarbg.org
  • www.rarbg.com
  • rarbg.is
  • rarbgorg.to
  • rarbg.in
  • rarbg.link
  • rarbg unblock

RARBG Movies

When we talk about the content available on RARBG, it has everything from movies to games to music to software etc. However, the site’s main focus seems to be on high-quality movies including all the latest releases. There isn’t a single new movie which has been released and won’t be available on its platform.

All the movies available have a good description given, which is quite enough information for any user who wishes to know what it is. Moreover, there are several options for quality which you can choose from while downloading the file. Along with movies you cant put your hands at various web series, TV shows and much more with RARGB.

Legal Issues With RARBG Torrents

The RARGB torrents site is fairly clean and devoid of malicious content but there is a lot of click-bait scamming and almost anything you click will send you off to a third party advertisement site. This is the one thing which is quite annoying and apart from being annoying, it can also be quite dangerous. Your computer might just get infected with some of the other viruses or malware when you visit these pages.

Tip For You!
One trick you can use to make it work is that each time you are redirected, you should close that pop-up immediately and quickly. If you do so, you won’t be visiting that page for too long and your original link will also open up directly.
At the end of the day, you have to remember that this whole process is not exactly legal as it involves the sharing of pirated content. So make sure that you use a VPN when you visit RARBG to keep yourself hidden from your ISP and the government, lest you want there to be legal action against you.

RARBG unblocked 2020

Earlier unblocking RARBG was not required, but with times when it become almost impossible to access RARBG in some locations then RARBG unblocked sites came into existence. These alternative mirror or proxy websites lets you access all the torrent files and magnetic links on RRBG . Though these alternatives may differ in stability, speed and security but still are the best option to access this torrent site.


RARBG is listed among the top torrent websites and is actually the safe one. Still, we always suggest you to active VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to be able to access all the RARBG torrents at any location, without any restriction. The DMCA policies are strict though, still, you can access the content easily if you use a VPN. So enjoy the torrent tools and entertainment with RARBG without a fuss.

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