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Denise Waters

You can’t go and watch every movie in the theatres, this is where online websites come into play. One such website is Rainierland which helps users to get access to all the Latest Movies and TV shows. Its popularity is evident from the daily pageviews estimated around 120,000 which earns $243 daily for the owners. Till now, the website has gained about $175,000 in just 2 years of its operation. Another reason for it’s being loved by entertainment freaks, the availability of all the contents for absolutely no cost, that too without any need to register or log in.
Rainierland has got a user-friendly interface for quick and easy navigation of the site. This helps the visitors to access anything in no time. The contents here are divided into three sections :

  • The First Section – Movies: To find movies divided into categories like ‘Latest Release
    Dates’, ‘Best Rated’, ‘Most Viewed’ and ‘Last Added’. You can also search Movies with
    1st letter of its name.
  • The Second Section – TV Shows: This’s divided into ‘Newly Added TV Shows’, ‘Latest
    Release Dates’, and ‘Best Rated’.
  • The Third Section – TV Episodes: It is classified into 2 columns viz., ‘Newly Added
    Episodes’ and ‘Latest Air Dates’. To filter the latest episodes head to ‘Newest Episodes’

Rainierland has an array of genres to offer the viewers namely ‘Action’, ‘Drama’, ‘Adventure’, ‘Crime’, ‘Comedy’, ‘War’, ‘Romance’ and a lot more alike. Besides that, contents here are also classified year-wise, allowing access to precise release dates.


  • A brief description of the contents available.
  • IMDb rating to make sure users are exposed only to top-quality stuff.
  • ‘Time Run’ helps in managing the schedule.
  • ‘Star Cast’ displays the name of the artists performing.
  • Adjustable video quality.

Since nothing is perfect, Rainierland has got some repercussions too. The website serves pop-up ads which are definitely annoying if you’re watching your favorite Movie or Show. Rainer Tamayo, the owner of Rainierland, has got arrested for piracy allegations. Like many other buddy websites, Rainierland also escapes from providing its own content. So, there are good chances that it might contain viruses which could harm your device.
Although the site has started with the bang, the constant slow speed of it loses its loyal and frequent visitors. It doesn’t have any ‘Request’ section, which makes it less preferable over other similar websites.
Rainierland has a plethora of contents to offer but is not entirely safe to operate. The users need not worry about anything as the owners are responsible for the pirated content of the website. To be on the safer side, users can download Antivirus software to protect their devices and can even operate with different VPNs.

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