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Putlocker is a website that has an endless number of movies, TV shows, and other such entertaining and interesting stuff to watch. It is the one-stop destination and home to numerous latest TV series and movies for quite a long time.

Putlockers movies had a tremendous hike in its number of users after the shutdown of Megaupload by the UK government. Since then, Putlockers is quite popular amongst the binge-watchers, essentially for the quality of contents, it offers. Putlocker.com is one of the most visited websites and was even ranked as one of the top 250 most viewed websites in the year 2016.

Putlocker Movies

Putlocker new website serves a huge catalog of movies and TV Shows. Therefore, the Putlockers website has aided its users with a variety of search filters to look for the content they love to watch. The content on the site is categorized on the basis of language, genre, and on some other grounds as well. The website also displays the IMDb rating of each and every Movie and TV shows, hence, providing which top-notch quality content to its users.

Putlocker 2020

It also facilitates viewers to check out the trailers for the latest movies, so that the users get a better idea of whether it is worth watching or not. Thus users can save a lot of time without having the need to visit other websites for the same purpose.

In addition to all this, the site gives a little insight into the story of the movie or TV series, without really disclosing the plot. Putlocker new website 2020 also gives information about the star cast, director and producer. Let the users have a better idea about the movie or TV series they are going to watch.


  • Users have the choice to select the quality of the video.
  • Most of the videos are having ace video Quality in HD.
  • The site has a subtitle option for the movies in different languages.
  • Pultlocker has a downloading option as well.
  • One can choose from an array of different genres, like Anime, Hollywood movies, TV series, etc.
  • The player supports all types of file sizes
  • Even if Putlocker is flagged as an illegal site, but it is safe, reliable and free from Malware.

It might not be that easy for someone who is new to this website to download a video, but once you get the hang of it, you will want nothing else but Putlocker.

Different Domains of Putlocker

Pultocker has numerous proxy sites because many countries like England and Australia have banned it. Therefore, virtual private sites have found a way to avoid these regulatory authorities by being untraceable. If the authorities do not know how to access these sites, therefore, it is not possible for them to make a case against them. There are different domains of the Putlocker site and you can enjoy free and latest movies with these below-mentioned sites:

  1. putlocker.com
  2. putlocker.io
  3. putlocker.ch
  4. putlocker.rs
  5. putlocker.co
  6. putlocker.la
  7. putlocker.is
  8. putlocker.tl
  9. putlocker.sk
  10. putlocker.to


Having mentioned all that, the site has some repercussions too. Putlocker site is banned by the UK and the Australian governments for some of the pirated content the site has on-board. Putlocker is a great site as it is easily accessible from numerous devices. Pultlockerz has congenial downloading file sizes that are smartphone friendly.

For now, one can use the site on their smartphones with great ease and the users have to wait for the app of the same. Although it is a wonderful website for your daily dose of entertainment, users are advised to operate at their own risk.

Movie piracy is an illegal activity. BaixaWare Website is strictly against Movie Piracy. All the contents published on the BaixaWare is just for the purpose of information and is not intended to promote/support piracy or pirated contents or illegal Movie websites in any way.

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