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Primewire is a useful website that allows you to stream videos online without any need to pay for them. This means that you watch any kind of movies or access music, completely free of cost. The prime wire site is a perfect solution for all problems you may face when having to subscribe to streaming services provided by other companies, which charge a fee for what they provide. You can access all the content on Primwire without having to set up an account or gain membership or pay a single penny.

Primewire Movies offers all TV shows, movies and even music including the latest releases which may not be available elsewhere. The best part is that you can even create playlists of your favorite videos and watch them seamlessly without having to constantly look for them. You can stream all the content on Primewire from your web browser itself or even use a Kodi Box if you wish to.

Primewire HD

However, the question arises about how legal this service is. And the answer is, not at all. Since they are distributing pirated content and making it all available free of cost, you can safely assume that none of it is within legal standards. The website does not provide the videos on its own platform, but rather provides links which redirect you to sites where you can watch those videos and movies.


  • Watch the latest movies online.
  • Primewire is free of cost and provides different genres for entertainment.
  • One can create their personal playlist from the already present content on the website.
  • It is a subscription-based video streaming service.

Primewire TV Shows

The website supports itself by making use of ads, the way most of these websites do. But that increases the risk for you because clicking on any link may redirect you to a site that tries to steal your information or tries to infect your computer with a virus. Hence, you must be very careful while browsing the site and avoid clicking on any ads. Otherwise, you can always make use of an ad-blocker or a pop-up blocker to further protect yourself.

Primewire Proxy Sites

In case you find trouble searching the original site or if you aren’t lucky enough to find primewire-ag unblocked. Then given below are the sites that will serve you the same operation as the original Primewire site would do.


Primewire Unblocked

Since the content which is being provided by movies is not legal, you need to be careful while accessing it, so that you aren’t caught in a legal battle for copyright infringement. You must always make use of a VPN which will protect your identity from the ISP and even the government and ensure you aren’t caught supporting piracy. Apart from that, also ensure your computer has a good firewall or antivirus to tackle any malware that may get downloaded inadvertently due to the ads on the website.


As long as you keep these cautions in mind, Primewire website is a great way to save the money you might have to pay for streaming content elsewhere. It has a vast library of content and will provide you with whatever you look for. Currently, the site has been blocked and can be reached with the other domain names. Until the original site, primewire unblocked can enjoy the mentioned sites for the same purpose.

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