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Denise Waters

MusicPleer is the solution for all users who wish to download music and listen to it offline, at their own convenience. It is a website that allows you to search for all your favorite songs on the internet and download them to your phone in a hassle-free manner.
Nowadays there are a number of apps that allow us to stream music online without having to take the effort of downloading it and creating space on our phone storage for all those downloaded files. Despite this, there are some users who still prefer listening to music offline, especially those who may not have regular access to the internet. All the online music streaming apps do not work without an internet connection and hence, this justifies why people might want to simply download music and listen offline.

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MusicPleer has a search engine, built-in the app itself from where you can conduct a search directly for the song you are looking for. You can either directly search for the song or even type the name of a specific artist or album and once you get the results, decide which file you wish to download. There will be a download link given which will redirect you to a new page from where you can download your music.
You can choose the size of the file which you wish to download, which means you will actually be choosing the download quality. This you can decide based on how much storage space your phone has and how fast or slow your internet is working at the time of download. However, when you are redirected to the download page, you must be careful to not click on any of the false download buttons shown. They might redirect you to some spammy website or download some malware on your computer or phone.
There is also an option of listening to a song before you download it in MusicPleer. This way you can always confirm that you are downloading the right music and not some other version which you don’t want. This way you can always access your favorite music online and download it for easy streaming at any point later on.
MusicPleer is a good enough choice to download music on your device, but make sure you are careful while using it. You don’t want any virus to infect your device and neither do you want to be caught contributing to some illegal music service.

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