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Moviesda, a famed cineplex website, especially for South Indian entertainment lovers. Moviesda torrent site is unique in the sense that it has a huge collection of movies in Indian regional language providing all sorts of movies.

Moviesda catalogs of Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and other catalogs are full-fledged with the South-Indian original releases and dubbed films of all other national and international film industries.

Moviesda 2020

All your favorite movies are now ready with all visual qualities from 320p to 1080p in one and only Moviesda HD. Moviesda gigantic collection is well-sorted in varied categories on the basis of language, year of release, trending and on the A to Z alphabetical order. Get direct access to the latest movie and download it straight from the home screen recommendations.

Movies da Interface

In mymoviesda com everything is designed simple and straight with nothing complicated in anyways, yet nothing goes that breezy. Movieda has two primary interface – Moviesda Tamil Movies original and Hollywood moviesda site tamil dubbed movies.

Moviesda Tamil 2020

Initially the platform is specifically dedicated to Tamil language.  But now it is not only limited to Tamil movies, as you can download movies from Movisda. Moviesda Tamil 2019 Movies download will give you free and ad free movies.

Moviesda Website many times got blocked due to the compilation of the pirated stuff. But yet delivering a significant presence amongst its admirers, you can see various proxy domains and other web servers offering the site’s movie directory to the users as – Moviesda Isaimini, Movies,, Movies, , etc.

How To Use Moviesda

The main website is which is quite easy to use as it only requires to locate the movie you want to watch. Movies have a list of various categories. There will be movies according to years that are the original Tmail movies.  For example – there is a Tamil 2015 movies button, a Tamil 2016 button, and so on.

There is also a Tamil Movies Collection button that has movies arranged. Now one has to select the  movies from the buttons and get it downloaded, just by clicking on it.
Note – You can search the website from these names also –, movies.da, etc.


Though the site is clearly an unauthorized means to download the content but is substantial in updating the latest theatre movies for the convenient watch and quick download rather bearing the theatre expense. And also, a good source of cherishing different cinema in our own native language. 2020 is one of the quick and effective movie-library for many South-Indian linguists.

Movie piracy is an illegal activity. BaixaWare Website is strictly against Movie Piracy. All the contents published on the BaixaWare is just for the purpose of information and is not intended to promote/support piracy or pirated contents or illegal Movie websites in any way.

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