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MangaPanda  – A website that is one of the favorite landing spots for Manga (kind of comic books written in the Japanese language in a special Japanese style of storytelling) readers across the globe. These manga contents are available for reading online in both English and Japanese language and it is absolutely free of cost without any required subscription.
The list of genres to decide from is huge on Manga Panda. There are more than 30 genres to dive into like the content on the action, adventure, horror, comedy, romance, school life and a lot more amusing contents to read. This also includes the ones that are suitable for all age groups which is a hard thing to find nowadays.
On Manga Panda, finding your desired manga is the easiest thing to do. That’s because all mangas are arranged in a systematic alphabetical order. One distinct feature of the website is the freedom to search by the name of the author. If on some random day, when you are not able to pop into a certain genre, just use the advanced search option as it makes the task easy for you.
Manga Panda is better than others in a way that provides translations of the original manga from Japanese to the English language quite accurately but as we all know that perfect translations are not always possible for such comic books yet this site appears to do so quite satisfactorily.
Timing also plays a big part when it comes to such online reading platforms. Manga Panda is one of the very few websites, who provide the latest translated versions of the new releases in just a few hours.
However, the downside here is that the website is full of ads and also takes you to third-party sites every now and then which can be risky. The website was even flagged as a potential threat by some browsers recently which means that harmful softwares and malicious content might be lurking on the site. This appropriately explains the rise of negative reviews about the website.
Altogether, MangaPanda is surely a good option to get access to all kinds of manga content but the site in itself poses a potential risk to your device. So if you want to use it then please proceed with caution or it would be wise to go with installing some anti-virus software on your device. Have a happy Manga reading time!

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