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Denise Waters

IsoHunt used to be a very reliable website that helped us to find and download movies, software, books or anything else by providing the magnet links of torrent files. This website had almost everything that a good BitTorrent site must have, such as superfast speed, a wide variety of files, reliable sources, etc. These features made ‘IsoHunt’ a very familiar name for almost every torrent user.

IsoHunt provided millions of files from various fields such as games, music files, videos, books, TV serials, anime and many more, be it the lowest quality or the top-notch one and everything in between. The services here were free without any subscription or membership. Although the website is quite secure in terms of malicious software however, ads might be a cause of annoyance sometimes.

IsoHunt was one of its kind that served its users with more than a petabyte of data in very systematically organized categories. The reliable nature of the website is what made ‘IsoHunt’ a very sought after peer-to-peer platform. Users from all over the world used to exchange their files easily on the website.

Initially, IsoHunt had its beginning in the year 2003 by an entrepreneur named ‘Gary Fung’ and within a couple of years, gained popularity as a reliable BitTorrent search engine. Just like most of the other similar kinds of platforms, they were also being sued by the entertainment industry for inducing copyright infringement. After facilitating its users for more than a decade, ‘IsoHunt’ was brought down after a legal agreement of $110 million in October 2013.

Although, as soon as this website was shut down a couple of other websites with the same outlook and interface but with a different domain name went up on the internet. The time when IsoHunt was shut down, many websites with identical interface and concept, came along with different domain name. This move was claimed to be done by a group of supporters of the website and the original ‘IsoHunt’ team had no part in this.

Internet archives must have been used in it, of course. So, for now, there might be a website named ‘IsoHunt’ available but they have a different domain name. These mirror sites also provide almost all of the similar content but they are definitely not as good as the original one, with the possibility of containing malicious files. In all, IsoHunt was an amazing website to source all your web stuff in one place.

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