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Denise Waters

GOmovies, as the name gives an idea, is a website that provides users with a plethora of movies and TV shows on-the-go. The website has a spectacular fan base owing to the distinctive features that it provides for free. The users don’t even need to log in to get access to their favorite movies.
Although, subscribed users can receive updates on their chosen content. It would also help them in requesting the movies/TV shows which are not available on the website. There are no geographical limitations thus making it accessible from anywhere and everywhere around the world.
The website is an updated version of the previously popular 123movies. The contents, therefore, are sequentially categorized more or less like they were in 123movies. There is n number of filters available, be it a variety of genres such as Fantasy, Music, War, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Adventure, Romance, and many others as well, or fields like Country, TV series, A-Z to browse more.
Apart from that, the timeline displays ‘Just Arrived’ movies and TV shows. As you scroll down, you can see the contents are further classified under the headings – ‘Suggestion’, ‘Latest Movies’, and ‘Latest TV Series’ heading to ‘Requests’, where the users can get access to watch what other cinema lovers are up to.
‘News column’ where cinephiles get all the info about any particular movie or TV show, which is quite fascinating as it’s here only on GOmovies. This includes news information like the release dates of the movies, the announcement of the star cast and much more for movie-geeks. Another peculiar thing is that GOmovies comes with a ‘Night Mode’ which does not hamper users’ eyes, thereby making the best option to watch late-night movies.
GOmovies does not store any content on its server. Instead, outsource it from some third-party websites. The site, unlike 123movies, is not entirely illegal, as long as the users are not downloading or uploading any content they won’t find themselves amidst any trouble. It’s the owners who deliver the content and therefore it’s their responsibility to make sure the content is not pirated. Users can also use a VPN for a 100% safeguard from any misfortunes.
GOmovies might show some pop-ups which could be irritating sometimes but have not been reported of containing any viruses. Still, to be on the safer side, it would be good if you have an Antivirus Software to protect your device. Moreover, there’s no lack of options available for the uninterrupted supply of entertainment.

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