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EZTV is a website that could be rightly called a Torrent distributor as it provides magnet links and torrent files for download. The website facilitates peer-to-peer sharing among users who follow the BitTorrent protocol and allows them to share files of all the latest movies, TV shows, and even music and games.
Like all other torrent websites running illegally, this one has also had its share of legal battles and is currently running on the domain name eztv.to. It was originally founded in the year 2005 with the name eztvefnet.org and ever since then has undergone a number of changes in its domain. Whenever one site was blocked, they changed the domain and made the services available on another site with another name.
The reason why EZTV is more popular than other torrent sites is that this one is purely a volunteer organization. This means that there are no ads displayed and no money is asked from the users, for using its services. The website can be considered much more clean as compared to many others of the same kind. The aim of creating such a website was to evade the government and other organizations for charging them with piracy and copyright infringement.
There are a number of proxy sites available for EZTV which can help users access all its services in case the main site is down or has been raided by authorities. These proxy or mirror sites provide more or less the same content and can be used easily as well. However, one must make sure to be careful while using them because many might be fake sites just posing as a proxy in order to increase incoming traffic and hack into your device.
The original owner of the website was believed to be Novaking but after a hostile takeover by the EZCLOUD Limited, the website was down for a while and is up and running again, but under a different owner. Fortunately, this has not affected its capabilities and it is still providing all the torrent files. The files were initially taken from other groups, but now EZTV is believed to be releasing their own unique torrent files. There is, however, a lot of skepticism about the genuinity of these files.
All in all, EZTV may not be the same as it was when it was released but is still performing the same functions and doing a decent enough job. If you decide to visit the website, make sure you have a good VPN running, lest you want to get caught by authorities, engaging in the distribution of illegal and pirated content.

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