Best Online Torrent Site To Download Movies & TV Shows Using The BitTorrent Protocol.

Denise Waters

ExtraTorrent has been one of the most successful torrent platforms for years. The reason is simple as it enables users to download, upload and share all types of files from varied categories such as software, movies, games, TV shows and many more, very easily and in the fastest possible speed.
The website had more than a million visitors every week due to the richness in its content. Almost every kind of web stuff you would ever need was available here but what added to the comfort was the smooth and easy to use interface. The directory was sorted very efficiently to find any kind of file within seconds. Moreover, the quality of an individual file was available from the lowest to the highest end. Although, you won’t find all the episodes of previous seasons of your favorite TV shows, which is a bit disappointing factor of Extratorrent.
Extratorrent started out by the end of the year 2006 and almost a decade later, i.e. by the end of 2016, as stated by Alexa, it became the second most visited torrent website. However, in May 2017, the site was taken down by its owners but there were no legal issues emerging as such, so the decision was quite surprising, that too at its peak time.
Extratorrent, or more commonly referred to as ‘ET’ in the torrent community, had a couple of subsidiary websites associated with it named as ‘EtHD’ and ‘ETTV’. Both are online streaming and downloading sites for entertainment media only and offers only a few categories. After ET’s shutdown, its developers’ support to ‘EtHD’ and ‘ETTV’ were withdrawn and was clearly announced to continue on their own resources. Eventually, the websites are still providing their services.
As soon as the original Extratorrent website went down, many mirrored websites came up and claimed to be the new original ones but none of them are actually. These mirrored sites do look exactly the same and also offer the same features but it can’t be sure if they are trustworthy or not. So, using these mirrored sites may be a good option, but ‘STAY ALERT’ before accessing and downloading any content. Altogether, ExtraTorrent is definitely a miss torrent website.

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