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Dramanice is a website which contains Dramas and TV Shows. The website is quite popular among Drama Lovers as it offers a diversified range of contents for free. The website thus witnesses about 226,000 visitors daily in the year 2017, generating a worth of about $494,000. It was ranked amongst the top 5 lakh websites by Alexa in 2017.
Dramanice has got a very user-friendly interface.

Under the ‘Menu’ section, TV Shows of origin in Korean, Chinese, Thailand, and Taiwanese are available to serve all types of viewers. Another section, ‘Recently’ displays a list of all the latest Dramas and TV shows. To find out any specific Show, one may also use the ‘Search’ dialog box.

The website is quite informative, you can know the genre of the particular content such as Romance, Melodrama, Historical, Political, Tragedy, Law, Investigation and so on. Watching Chineses, Korean and Japanese drama is equally easy to locate.

The release date of the contents is also mentioned along with the total number of episodes.
Those who’re interested to check out the broadcast info, just hover the cursor over drama name and know everything. You can also view the cast of the content they are about to watch. English subtitles can be held onto if the content is not in your native language.
Additionally, a brief description can be seen to get an overview of the content.


The website fails to deliver when it comes to offering vast range as the American, the Indian, the British and contents from various other origins are missing. Besides all that, it’s important to know that the site is illegal. It has been accused of offering pirated content.

The users as of now are not under any threat as it’s completely the owner’s responsibility and has nothing do with the visitors. Still, to be on safer grounds, you’re suggested to go along with some robust anti-virus software to combat viruses and malware, in case. Conclusively, Dramanice is the ultimate place to stream all the Korean, Chinese and Japanese Drama for free.

Movie piracy is an illegal activity. BaixaWare Website is strictly against Movie Piracy. All the contents published on the BaixaWare is just for the purpose of information and is not intended to promote/support piracy or pirated contents or illegal Movie websites in any way.

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