From Trendy To Old, Watch All Episodes of Your Favorite TV Shows.

Denise Waters

CouchTuner is a free online TV streaming website that offers almost all TV shows with all their episodes for viewing to their users. It focuses primarily on streaming TV shows and not movies, unlike many other online streaming sites. CouchTuner is a rather interesting name for a website, isn’t it? Well, let’s just say that the makers out in a lot of thought into it to come up with a name that is catchy as well as serves the purpose of defining its content.
This site had originally started as in 2010 and had immediately become a favorite among users. However, now their domain names keep changing to .rocks, .io, .ag, .fr and so on. The reason why this happens is that basically the site is illegal. It shows us pirated content by stealing it from others and displaying it on their site. Since this causes the site to get blocked time and again, they resort to different subdomains in order to keep streaming content.
The good part about CouchTuner is that the site offers you all content completely free of cost, without having to pay any membership fees. So for users who are trying to watch their favorite shows without having to pay a dime, this is your chance. All the content is available on their site, with full episodes of every season of every TV show. You can conduct a search as browsing through the content is not very easy, owing to a poorly organized interface.
One important point that users must keep in mind while streaming videos on CouchTuner is that, apart from the site being illegal and getting blocked time and again, it may also have certain malware and viruses attached to it.
This may happen due to the ads that are depicted on the site, and clicking on my pop up may take you to a third-party site that can infect your computer with malicious software. So if you choose to view this site, do so at your own risk.
Since the actual video content is more or less safe, each time you are browsing the site, just make sure that you do not click on any advertisement or pop up that is displayed. Apart from that, your computer should also have a powerful firewall and antivirus running on it, so that any virus which enters the computer can immediately be fixed.
As a final thought, if you feel you can do away with using a pirated website, well and good. But if you feel you can’t then go ahead, CouchTuner is quite stable and has been running for a long time. Just make sure you are aware of the risks and take the required precautions.

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