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Denise Waters

YouTube is the go-to destination for anyone and everyone in the world who just wants to listen to some music or watch some videos. Luckily for us, this app is available for our Android devices, making video browsing much easier.

YouTube APK can help users watch videos on their mobile devices in the easiest of manners without taking away any great features the site offers. We can watch a video in portrait mode while browsing through related videos and suggestions or even turn our phone to landscape so that the video automatically becomes full screen.

Watching music videos, trailers of movies, tutorials for everyday tasks, study videos while preparing for exams or even stand up comedy videos by our favorite artists is made possible via the YouTube app. One can simply subscribe to channels and get regular updates about new video additions.

YouTube for Android devices makes searching for new videos hassle-free by offering suggestions based on our history and one can even do a voice search for what they want to watch. Their account stores all the videos they have liked or saved and even those watched recently so that one can easily access them.

The best part about the app is that we can create our own channels and upload videos which we would like to showcase to the world. One can edit their recorded

videos with music effects or filters and make creations which attract a large audience.
The YouTube latest version lets one play videos in the background while using another app on their device. There are shortcuts on the app like closing a video by swiping it to the right, which makes operating it very convenient.


  • Watch all kinds of videos from the comfort of your Android device.
  • Subscribe to favorite and popular channels.
  • Create your own videos or share other with friends.
  • Access your liked videos on your account tab.
  • Intelligent search and relevant suggestions.
  • Watch videos in low quality when using 2G connections.
  • Like, comment or rate videos.
  • Follow your favorite artists and celebs.
  • View hot and trending videos around the world.

The YouTube 2019 app has a useful feature where one can make use of a Chromecast device to send videos directly from their phones to a television and view them on a big screen.

Developer:Google LLC
App Version:v13.48.50
App Size:37.2 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.2 & Higher
Category:Multimedia > Video Players & Editors
License Type:Free

Download YouTube APK for Android
devices to experience the world’s best video hosting site on a smaller platform with new and added features which make it more enjoyable.

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