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An Application Created To Study Your Internet Network Security!

Denise Waters

WPSApp is quite a useful application which can help users check their Wifi connection and its information. It can also help check the vulnerabilities of other Wifi connections and whether it is possible to connect to them.

WPSApp APK can help you view all the information of a particular network like its IP address and the type of encryption. This means that you can check whether a network is vulnerable, be it your own or someone else’s.
The app also helps you connect to open networks and even vulnerable ones by trying out some permutations and combinations to figure out the pin. In case the pin number is not predefined by the router, WPSApp App generates some default pins, one of which can help you connect.

There is another tab in the WPSApp for Android devices which allows you to view all the devices connected to a particular wifi network. The app will display all information about the device’s IP address, type as well as its model. This is especially useful to secure your network against unauthorized users.


  • View detailed information on Wifi networks.
  • Conduct a security check of your Wifi.
  • Access other networks easily.
  • Gain information about devices connected to a network.
  • Figures out the pin of other networks.
  • Ease of usage for all kinds of people.

Thus the WPS App can rightly be called as a security check which will figure out anyone who connects to your Wifi router without permission. The app however only works well on rooted Android devices.

Name: WPSApp
Developer: TheMauSoft
App Version: v1.6.38
App Size: 4.2 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.1 & Higher
Category: Android > Internet > Wifi Tools
License Type: Free
Downloads: 10,000,000+


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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