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A Driver Focused Navigation App To Outwit Traffic in Real Time.

Denise Waters

Waze is essentially a GPS and navigation map which is unlike any other of its kind. The app helps you navigate along with giving real-time alerts about traffic, signals and even cops.

Waze APK can help you plan your route and way of communicating in a very convenient way. The app consists of a social network of users who keep updating the app with constant information about the road and traffic conditions. This helps you take to the Facebook event you’re interested in. The app will keep you in touch with other drivers who are driving at the same time so that everyone can communicate for the best possible driving experience.

Through the data it receives, Waze Map can alert users about things like the cheapest gas stations along their way. Moreover, it even gives information about police, any hazards or roadblocks on your route. The app can reroute and provide you with a different way to reach your destination if it senses traffic jams on your current route.

You can make your road trips more interesting by playing your favourite music and podcasts with the help of Waze App. The ETA or expected time of arrival provided by the app is immensely accurate and is based on live traffic data, to make sure you can make plans well in advance.


  • Voice-guided navigation for each twist and turn.
  • Constantly updated road conditions by its community of users.
  • Receive ETA data of others with the same destination.
  • Earn points by adding your own road data.
  • Sync your navigation data with your calendar.
  • Use Android auto to display Waze on the car screen.
  • Choose the voice you want as a guide.
  • Find the easiest parking spots.

The Waze GPS app can even help you set certain routes and paths as your frequently traveled ones like the route you take to the office or home. This way you can easily access them whenever required.

App Version:v4.54.0.3
App Size:72 MB
Supported Windows:Android 4.1 and up
Category:Android > Education And Leisure > GPS And Maps
License Type:Free

Download Waze APK Free for Android devices to always be updated about the road and traffic conditions around you and to always reach your destination in the most effortless way possible.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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