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The Most Authentic Dictionary but Also a Powerful Language Translator!

Denise Waters

U Dictionary is a comprehensive and all-in-one app which is essentially a dictionary, as the name suggests. However, it can also be used as a translator for up to 108 different languages.

U Dictionary APK can help you lookup for the definitions and meanings of almost every word or phrase. You can even lookup for words and listen to their pronunciations offline, as long as you download the Offline packages required. The app offers meaning from Collins Advanced Dictionary, Wordnet Dictionary and is compatible with 44 different language dictionaries.

As far as translation goes the U Dictionary App allows you to translate any text by typing it out or even clicking a picture of it with your camera. You can even directly copy-paste any word or phrase you come across to instantly know its translation. The app also allows you to get the translations in the notification bar without having to open up the app.

The most unique part of the U Dictionary Offline App is that there are a number of quizzes and mini-games you can play to improve your vocabulary and knowledge of a language. There are also a number of funny videos you can watch to make your learning of English much more fun and interesting.


  • Seamlessly translate one language to another.
  • Find the meanings of the most difficult words in any language.
  • Practice short tests or play grammar games.
  • Save words into specific folders for later references.
  • Authentic British and American pronunciation of words.
  • The text displayed in 14 different languages for reading.
  • Join the writing club and write on themes given weekly.

The U Dictionary Android app even has a feature where there is a display of ‘Word for Today’ which shows you a different new word everyday. This is greatly helpful in improving your vocabulary and learning new fun words daily.

Name:U-Dictionary: Translate & Learn English
Developer:Youdao (Hong Kong) Limited
App Version:v4.0.7
App Size:27.6 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.0.3 & Higher
Category:Education and Leisure > Dictionaries and Translation
License Type:Free

Download U Dictionary APK Free for Android devices to access a useful tool for not only finding out the meanings of words, but also to practice your language and effortlessly translate words in different languages.


  • Android version 4.0.3 or above.

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