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Write a Tweet to Let the World Know What’s Happening with You!

Denise Waters

Twitter is undeniably one of the most important and popular social media platforms for connecting people and broadcasting information. It is the perfect app to always be aware of what’s happening in the world, what’s trending or what people are talking about.

Twitter APK can help you perform all the functions of this microblogging service, easily from your Android device. The app offers three screens, the first is your own feed, then is the discover tab and finally is the activity tab. This allows you to always know what your followers and people you follow are up to and even explore current trends and popular tweets.

The most important Twitter feature wherein you can tweet using only 240 characters remains the same. Moreover, in the Twitter app you can even click photos and videos and share them directly in your tweets. This is an improvement from always having to link multimedia and webs to your tweets.

Twitter to add new features

Twitter for Android devices is also useful as opposed to the website, as the app gives timely notifications for any new followers, likes, retweets or replies. Moreover, you can even privately message people or create groups of followers to seamlessly have conversations. You can even regularly customize your profile and update the photo, location, description, etc.


  • Discover the hottest topics everyone is talking about.
  • Follow your favorite celebs and sports stars.
  • Publish tweets and add photos or videos to them.
  • Notifications about any activity on your account.
  • Live streaming via Periscope.
  • Converse with others on a personal chat.
  • Create group chats of followers.
  • Sync with contacts to know who’s on Twitter.
  • Customize your profile to your likings.
  • Be aware of the latest news headlines.

Twitter Android app also offers regular suggestions or recommendations on people you should follow based on your activity on the app. In case you don’t want everyone to view your profile, you can make it private but your posts will be indexed by Google and may appear in search results.

Developer:Twitter, Inc.
App Version:v7.93.2
App Size:30.4 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.4 & Higher
Category:Communication > Social Networks
License Type:Free

Download Twitter APK Free for Android devices to gain access to an app that will always ensure that you are aware of the important happenings around you and can even hold discussions with people regarding these issues.


  • Android version 4.4 or above.

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