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Create Your Own Personalized Gami videos!

Denise Waters

Tellagami is an interesting and innovative app to create your own personalized Gami videos. A Gami video is basically an animation that can be used to express your emotions or to convey any message.
Tellagami APK can help users create their own Gami videos in 2 simple steps. The user first has to select a customized character and choose a background for the video. Then the user can either record a message in their own voice to be used or simply type out the message they want the character to say and choose a voice for it.
With the Tellagami App, the possibilities of customization and personalization are endless. You can make different combinations between the character and the background used. The character can be a man or a woman, with different choices within the two genders as well.
The background can be a scenery chosen from the options provided in the Tellagami free app or a user can even choose a personal photo for it. You can draw on the background to make it more interesting or type out texts on it. The characters can also be resized according to your preferences and places in the scene.
Tellagami for Android devices can be used to share these creations directly from the app. Tellagami Android app offers options for sharing your animation on all your favorite sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
The reason for multiple cases of Tellagami App Download is that these videos are multi-purpose and very useful. Not only for sending greetings or wishes to your friends and family, but they can also be used to teach a topic to someone else or make reports as well as for pitching an idea to your business partners or creating interesting advertisements.


  • Easily create unique personal animations.
  • Customize the characters and their size as displayed.
  • Record a message in your voice or type it out.
  • Use personal photos for customizing the background.
  • Draw your own doodles on the background.
  • Share on all popular social media apps.
  • Educate others with fun videos or send your wishes to a loved one.

The Tellagami Android app not only creates videos that can be shared on social media but can also be used to create a web URL that one can use on any device and not just Android.

Name: Tellagami
Tellagami Labs
App Version:
App Size: 31.8 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.1 & Higher
Category: Lifestyle > Funny
License Type: Free

Download Tellagami APK Free for Android to explore your creative side and to make conversing with others much more innovative and expressive than before.

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