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Denise Waters

SwiftKey Keyboard is just as its name sounds, a comprehensive and all in one keyboard which will help you type in the fastest manner possible. You can choose your style of typing whether it is swipe-to-type or tap-to-type.

SwiftKey Keyboard APK can help you type in the most effective manner by an intelligent autocorrect which will correct any grammatical mistakes you make while typing. Moreover, the keyboard adapts to your typing style and offers suggestions from your most frequently used words if you simply type the first letter.

The SwiftKey Keyboard App not only adapts to the usual English words you use frequently but even adapts to any slang or nicknames you might be using. You can further sync the keyboard with your Facebook account so that it can easily pick up any names you use and your style of writing.

SwiftKey Keyboard Latest Version supports 22 types of Indian languages and you simply need to spell them out in English and translate to whichever language you want. You can even choose to type in any other language from across the world as it supports 300 global languages.


  • Customize the keyboard size and toolbar.
  • Choose the shortcuts you want on the menu.
  • Apply your own photo or choose from themes for the background.
  • Widest range of emojis available.
  • Hundreds of Gifs you can use to express yourself.
  • Five different languages can be enabled together.
  • SwiftKey APK even predicts your favorite emojis.
  • Predictions powered with an AI.

When you are using the Swift Key Keyboard for Android devices to type in a different script, you can easily shuffle between two of them without having the change the settings again and again.

Name:SwiftKey Keyboard
App Version:v7.3.4.17
App Size:12 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 5.0 & Higher
Category:Android > Productivity And Business
License Type:Free

Download SwiftKey Keyboard APK Free For Android devices to change the way you type into one which is much more fast, efficient and user-friendly than the ones you may have used before.


  • Android version 5.0 or above.

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