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Now Run Endless Over The Trains With Never Ending Coins & Keys!

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You need to run, you need to dash, you need to get out as fast as you can in Subway Surfers Mod APK before the cop gets to you. The game is an endless running game where you are the main character who needs to escape from the inspector who is on your chase.

The location is that of train stations where there will be trains passing by at full speed. So if you’re not careful, you might just get run over and lose the game. This game can be considered somewhat similar to Temple Run in the whole ‘endless runner’ factor, but it a whole different scenario altogether.

Storyline Behind The ‘Endless Running’

Jake is the main character in Subway Surfers Mod Game who was caught by the police inspector as he was painting graffiti on a train car. As soon as he saw the inspector he started running and now the inspector is determined to catch him and won’t stop at anything till he does. And since you’re Jake, you need to make sure you run as fast as you can.

How To Play The Game Altogether

The gameplay is not very difficult as such, but you do need some skills and tact to control your character as he runs on the rail lines. You have to use your finger to swipe left or right to make Jake change lanes and avoid obstacles. You can even swipe up to make him jump and swipe down to make him roll from under an obstacle. The whole time while running you need to make sure that you collect as many coins as possible in the Subway Surfers Mod Game.

Get As Many Coins And Keys As You Want

In Subway Surfers Mod Game, runners do not have to pause running getting out of coins, stars, and keys. The Mod version offers everything unlimited and for free. With the immense treasure of coins and keys, you can upgrade all the tools at its best. All this can be done without rooting of your device.

Tricks To Make Your Game More Easy

There are a number of helpful tools that will appear on your path as you run. Some of them are coin magnets, jetpack, sneakers, multiplier, and a hoverboard. Coin magnets will automatically attract the coins to you and the Jetpack will allow you to fly in the air for a limited time and collect coins while avoiding obstacles. Sneakers will help you run faster and jump higher while the multiplier will help you gain more points.

The hoverboard is the most useful item as it will help protect you from falls and obstacles for a duration of 30 seconds. There are even these mysterious and unique chests which will come your way and you will either find more coins in them or a useful key.

A Number Of Fun Characters You Can Play With

The reason why you should focus on collecting as many coins as you can is that the more coins you collect, the more characters can unlock in the Subway Surfers Mod App. There are many interesting and fun characters in the game like Dino, Tricky, Marco and Fresh who will be unlocked once you have sufficient coins to do so. You and your friends can then engage in all different sorts of missions and compete in the daily challenges available.

Mind Blowing Graphics And Locations

The graphics in Subway Surfers Mod APK are nothing less than the best HD optimized ones. They are vibrant, bright and super attractive. The moment you start playing the game, it will be like a burst of multiple colors which is very pleasing to look at.

All the models of characters, as well as the train stations and locations, are quite realistic and a treat to play. It might seem that the never-ending train stations are monotonous and boring to constantly look at, but trust me, you will never get bored. The 3D graphics are good enough to have anyone hooked on to the game.

Name:Subway Surfers Mod APK
App Version:v1.107.0
App Size:85 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.1 & Higher
Category:Android > Mod > Games > Endless Runner Games
License Type:Free
Last Updated:22 August 2020
Modded Features:Unlimited Coins & Keys

For sure the above description has interested you to the effect that you want to immediately start playing this game. If you are someone who likes challenges and wants to test their dexterity and ability to handle the running characters, then what are you waiting for? Download Subway Surfers Mod APK Free for Android devices to embark on the most exciting and thrilling running adventure which will soon get you addicted.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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