Slither io

1.5.0 for Android Lowtech Studios

Can You Survive The Longest?

Denise Waters

Slither io is an interesting and fun snake game which is kind of on the lines of the old snake game we used to play on our Nokia mobiles. You need to keep eating and get bigger as you defeat the other worms around.

Slither io APK can help you get bigger and bigger as you keep eating the colored balls in the arena. The gameplay is quite simple, keep eating balls to increase your strength and ensure your head stays away from other worms. The moment your head touches another worm, the game is over for you.

But the good part about defeating others is, if any other worm’s head touches your body, they will automatically die. The worm which has been killed can then be eaten by you to become even bigger in the Slither io Game.

The best way to go about the game is to steer clear of other worms as far as possible but follow the big worms so that as soon as someone kills them, you can start gorging. The Slither io App requires you to be smart about your movement because the balls you wish to eat are the targets of many other worms as well.


  • Be the fastest worm around and eat as many balls as you can.
  • Keep your head away from the other worms.
  • Ambush them to ensure their head hits your body.
  • Eat up any worm killed by others.
  • Multiplayer game you can play with your friends.
  • An engaging game with a good amount of fun element.

You can go ahead and play with your friends in the online multiplayer mode in Slither io for Android devices. Everyone can play with each other in the same arena as competing worms, and test who turns out to be the best slitherer.
Developer:Lowtech Studios
App Version:v1.6
App Size:Varies with device
Supported Android Version:Android 2.3 & Higher
Category:Android > Games > Casual
License Type:Free
Downloads: 100,000,000+

Download Slither io APK Free For Android devices to embark on an interesting new journey as a slithering worm, whose job is to make sure it survives the longest and kills all others in its path.


  • Android version varies with the device.

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