Shadow Fight 2

1.9.38 for Android Nekki

Fight Endless With Unlimited Coins & Gems in An Immersive Action Sequel!

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For all you lovers of RPG and those who need nothing more than a good fighting game on your phone, Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK is the perfect solution. The game essentially consists of a warrior who is the main character and who must fight against his enemies in order to achieve victory.

The series of Shadow Fight Games have been released by Nekki and Shadow Fight 2 is the second installment in this series. It is a better and upgraded version which is sure to give a great thrill to anyone who decides to play this game.

A Unique New Story Which Will Attract Your Interest

The storyline of Shadow Fight 2 Mod Game is quite interesting and the game itself starts with a small video which gives you a summary of it. The samurai warrior, that is you, was invincible and would defeat anyone who crossed paths with him. However, his continuous victories caused him to become arrogant and high headed. Since a warrior must always be modest and down to earth this mistake caused him troubles.

The Gate of Shadows which is full of dark evil as opened up and it sucked out his appearance, leaving behind his shadow alone. Realizing the folly he had made, he vowed to correct his mistake and fight against all the evil spirits again.

Unlimited Coins, Gems, Weapons, Energy And Access To Everything For Free

In Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK, you will get never-ending energy to play the game as long as you want. There’re unlimited coins and gems through which you can equip with lethal and deadliest weapons to rule over the world of shadows, all for free and without root. With rich in coins and gems, you can buy anything unlimited in Shadow Fight 2 Mod Game.

Simple But Challenging Gameplay

The gameplay of Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK is quite challenging and requires you to put in all your skills and talent to fight against the enemies. You will face evil in all shapes and sizes and you must fight against them bravely to attain victory. All the battles you fight will be one on one and you must attack using your bare hands, your legs, your weapons or even use some magic. As you attack, you have to keep in mind that you need to defend yourself from their attacks, lest you lost your points.

Powerful Tools And Ways To Attack Your Enemy

There are a number of different weapons you can use to attack like swords, axes, and truncheons. You can also use magic like throwing fire spells at the enemy. In hand to hand combat, you can kick or throw punches so as to gain power over your enemies. The difficulty of the levels in the game keeps increasing as you move up the ladder. In the start, you will fight in the easier levels where you still get acquainted with the fighting style. But once it is done, you must use skills and fast movements to ensure you finish your enemy before he finishes you.

A Subtle And Slow Combat Marvel

If you’re expecting a game with fast-paced action, you’re in the wrong place. The game moves slowly, focusing on the Japanese Art of War. The controls are quite smooth and easy to use but the whole fighting sequel moves with a certain level of intense concentration and decision making. It isn’t a hasty and fast-moving combat game.

When it comes to the graphics, Shadow Fight 2 Mod App is beautifully designed with amazing background environments. Since the main characters are just black shadow, the background is highlighted well and the whole 2D experience is quite impressive.

Innumerable Game Modes To Have You Hooked

There are a number of different and interesting game modes here which you can indulge in. The first plot mode has 7 different bosses you need to fight against in 7 different chapters. There is a secondary mode which you can use to buy new equipment for your warrior. When you win the ascension mode you earn different new outfits and some special abilities as well. There are even some special modes of fighting in the underworld and eclipse mode.

There are a number of tournaments you can enter and challenges you can accept to fight against the enemy. You will fight duels with them and try to survive as long as you can before the enemy ends up hurting you.

Name:Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK
App Version:v2.1.0
App Size:88 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 3.0 & Higher
CategoryAndroid > Mod > Games > Action
License Type:Free
Last Updated:22 August 2020
Modded Features:Unlimited Coins & Gems

If you wish to win the Shadow Fight game you need to give your all in order to kick or slash your way to victory. The game has beautiful and impressive graphics, has a large number of enemies you need to fight and has some great character animations. Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK for Android devices as it works well across different platforms and will surely have you hooked on your phones in an attempt to be the best Samurai Warrior.


  • Android version 3.0 or above.

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