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Quickly Create Shortcuts to Any Application!

Denise Waters

QuickShortcutMaker is the app which is perfect for quickly creating shortcuts to any application on our phones. Thus, this is the easiest solution to access all the applications on our phone with enhanced speed and efficiency.

QuickShortcutMaker APK can help users easily find even those apps which may not be frequently used by them. It has a well-optimized search engine which lets you recover any app from the long list of your installed ones.

Users can even access the Google Play page of a certain app from the shortcut and get all the detailed information if they wish to. Quick Shortcut Maker app lets users customize the icon they wish to have for their shortcut and also choose their own unique name for it. This can further help them mask the shortcuts if they wish to.

Quick Shortcut Maker for Android devices lets users search for apps using specific keywords and filter the results based on their category, like applications, activities, tasks etc. You can even sort the results according to alphabetical order and effortlessly view your search history.


  • Seamlessly create shortcuts to apps and processes.
  • Choose to search normally or via incremental mode.
  • Access all app information and view the Google Play page.
  • Sort results alphabetically.
  • Search using keywords and customize icons & names of shortcuts.
  • Create a list which displays icons.
  • Swap icons for tasks & launch actions easily.
  • Access apps as well as operating systems effortlessly.

The reason for multiple cases of Quick Shortcut Maker app download is simply the fact that it makes browsing through your phone and searching for certain apps much easier and convenient.

App Version:v2.4.0
App Size:2.0 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 1.6 & Higher
Category:Tools > Personalization
License Type:Free

Download Quick Shortcut Maker APK Free for Android to make your life much easier when looking for data on your phone and access everything easily from your home screen.


  • Android version 1.6 or above.

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