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Puffin Browser is essentially a web browser that works at lightning-fast speeds with enhanced efficiency. It allows users to surf the internet and browse through all their favorite sites in an easy and convenient manner.

Puffin Browser APK not only lets users browse the internet but also supports Adobe Flash Player, thus one can even play flash games or run videos and pages on it. It includes a virtual gamepad, mouse and keyboard which contributes to your ease of playing a game online.

The cloud offers a high level of privacy and protection as all web traffic on the server is well encrypted and users can even use public wifi to surf the net on the Puffin Browser app easily. It even lets users engage in downloads upto 10 MB for each file and is perfectly optimized for Android TV to effortlessly watch videos and listen to music.

Puffin Web Browser has a very minimalistic and simple interface, which can easily be customized according to the user’s preferences. There are a number of color themes which you can use to make the screen as well as the toolbar and sidebar more attractive.

The search engine of the Puffin Browser for Android devices has a smart search engine which offers suggestions based on previous search history. One can open up innumerable tabs to browse across different pages without any confusion or hassles. The browser can be set to ‘Theatre Mode’ to seamlessly watch Flash videos and play games.

The application shifts workload to the cloud server instead of using the device’s limited resources, the reason for its great speed. Puffin APK offers an incognito tab to help you browse freely without any data being stored in the history. It even works well on lower connections like 2G and 3G and helps save large amounts of data by compressing the bandwidth.


  • Fastest browsing and page loading speed.
  • Smart search engine and search tags.
  • Gamepad and trackpad to play games.
  • Support for Adobe Flash Player.
  • Sync to cloud and download from it.
  • Efficient and quick Javascript engine.
  • Incognito browsing and customization of the screen via new themes.

The reason why there are so many cases of Puffin Web Browser download is that the browser has some amazing and useful features which are constantly improved and updated to offer the best surfing experience to a user.

Name:Puffin Web Browser
Developer:CloudMosa, Inc.
App Version:v7.8.2.40664
App Size:20.1 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.1 & Higher
Category:Internet > Web Browsers
License Type:Free

Download Puffin Browser APK Free for Android to effortlessly access an application that lets you search anything and everything on the internet with maximum ease, play games or even watch innumerable videos.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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