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Realistic Ballistics & Combat Awaits You in Same PUBG Experience!

Denise Waters

PUBG Lite (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an online battle game developed and published by PUBG corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole, a game which can also be called as ‘regal’. In the game, 100 players on a deserted island will have to engage in a battle of survival, saving themselves and destroying other players.

PUBG Lite APK operates on a crux of “Last Man Standing”. It isn’t an easy task to achieve but the game has plenty of weapons, vehicles and equipment which users can collect and use to defeat all others and become the sole survivor.

PUBG Mobile Lite is a version customized for mobile devices and tablets which lack a large amount of resources, as it is much smaller in size. This was developed by Tencent and is compatible with almost all Android versions with lesser RAM and it also weighs in at a much smaller size, thus enabling more devices and more players to indulge in the adrenaline rush the game gives.

However, PUBG Lite 2018 only lets users play with upto 40 people, as it’s a lighter and smaller version, but it does not compromise on the essence of the game and ensures thrill satisfaction of the highest degree to the user.

For example, although the PUBG Mobile Lite APK works on a smaller mobile platform, not as powerful as one on a computer, the graphics have still been beautifully rendered and the platform resembles the original one, giving users an exciting and enriching experience.
Users are using the PUBG Lite as the game is much simpler to play on a mobile.

PUBG Mobile Lite latest version has also added a number of new features such as climbing the rankings, daily login bonuses, event prizes, making friends with new people and so on and allows users to play using three player modes: single, duo and squads.


  • Enormous Battleground in HD.
  • Realistic Ballistics & Combat Scenarios.
  • Various Vehicles to Travel in Style.
  • Communication via HD In-Game Voice Chat.
  • HD 7.1 Channel Surround Sound.
  • Anti-Cheat Mechanisms.

The daily login bonuses in PUBG Lite 2019 can help users unlock new weapons and materials to help perform better and the game has been created with Unreal Engine 4.

Developer:Tencent Games
App Version:v0.9.0
App Size:352 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.0.3 & Higher
Category:Games > Multiplayer
License Type:Free

Download PUBG Mobile Lite APK for Android as it gives users access to a game that will give an adrenaline rush and demand everything in order to be the last one standing and PUBG Lite helps bring all this exuberance to a simple mobile device even with lesser RAM.


  • Android version 4.0.3 or above.

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