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No. 1 Camera Calculator For Solving All Your Math Problems.

Denise Waters

Photomath is a useful and indispensable application for one and all whose biggest feature is solving math and arithmetic problems. The app helps you instantaneously to get the step-by-step solutions of any Math sum using its in-built camera.

Photomath APK can help you find out the solution to any problem by scanning it with help of your phone’s camera. The app uses OCR text recognition technology to directly scan a problem when you point the camera at it and gives out the solution in a matter of minutes. You can even input a problem by typing out on the app’s interface.

The best part about the Photomath Camera Calculator is that it not only scans printed text problems but even recognizes handwritten problems. All the solutions it gives in detailed steps to ensure you understand exactly how the result was obtained.

You can even use the Photomath App to create graphs and charts which further help in understanding a problem. This app is extremely useful for teachers to elevate their teaching methods and use a unique way of making students understand the solutions to a difficult problem.


  • A calculator with a smart camera.
  • Recognition of printed and handwritten text easily.
  • Different varied methods of explanation.
  • Interesting animations to give out instructions.
  • Learn using step-wise methods.
  • Explore a number of beautiful graphs.
  • Check out your history of operations performed.
  • Instant results of even the toughest problems.

Photomath for Android devices is the perfect tool for both children and parents alike. Children can make use of this themselves to figure out solutions and it can even help aid parents when explaining math problems to their children.

Developer:Photomath Inc.
App Version:v5.2.1
App Size:21.11 MB
Supported Windows:Android 5.0 & Higher
Category:Android > Education And Leisure
License Type:Free

Download Photomath APK Free for Android devices to access the most comprehensive application which will take away all your worries of solving maths problems correctly and ensure it teaches you solutions in the best manner possible.


  • Android version 5.0 or above.

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