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An Emulator to Play All Nintendo Games from Our Smartphones!

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N64 Emulator, as the name suggests is an emulator for Android devices with the basic purpose of helping us to play all Nintendo games from our smartphones.

N64 Emulator APK can help you play all the famous and much-loved n64 games like Mario 64, Pokemon Stadium, Super Smash Bros, Resident Evil 2, Doom 64 and so on. This video console Nintendo 64 emulator will allow you to play these n64 games even on the small Android devices you have.

Name: N64 Emulator

Developers: Emulator Publisher

App Version: Latest

App Size: 3.5 MB

Supported Cores Version: Android 1.6 & Higher

Category: Games > Emulators

License Type: Free

Downloads: 1,000,000+

Pc: Windows or mac 64 bit no 32 bit.

If you have a great phone then the Nintendo 64 Emulator APK will make sure that the games run on your phone at a great speed. It takes a little time to configure the N64 APK at first, but once it is done, it ensures a great playing experience.

Name:N64 Emulator
Developer:Emulator Publisher
App Version:Latest
App Size:3.5 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 1.6 & Higher
Category:Games > Emulators
License Type:Free

The Nintendo 64 Emulator is essentially a video console emulator that allows you to enjoy playing these games even without having a video console at home. The Nintendo 64 Emulator App is however just an emulator and not a database of games. Thus you will have to individually search for the games you wish to play.


  • N64 has the ability to play all classic Nintendo games on your smartphones.
  • Based on Mupen64 plus.
  • N64 has a GPL license with cheat codes available to all users.
  • The emulator works well and runs at a good speed.
  • Portable and free.
  • Makes use of the English Language.
  • The User interface is way simple.
  • Allows more user controls on things.
  • Easy compatibility, good quality, resolution, graphics with no collapse reviews.

The Nintendo 64 online for Android is a perfect cool application for ROMs download, an open-source that facilitates the playing of all the popular Nintendo and Super Mario 64 games even without needing a whole video console. It posts update timely, is best, free, and makes something like configuring systems free of permissions and problem. There are no technical glitches, spam link in this, and gamers love it. The games option is presented with titles and profiles on the menu. There is no bad news or review about N64 unblocked violating any rights. A ton of ROMs of games could be downloaded in windows pc or mac. It is open-source and also accepts requests for the betterment of its development.

How to download n64 Nintendo online 2020?

Download N64 APK Free for Android devices to embark on a trip down memory lane as you seamlessly play all your favorite Nintendo games, now even on your Android devices on its easy user interface. You can download Game ROMs on it and store them in the ROMs folder. It doesn’t violate any rights.

  • Go to the site Emulators Zone site on your Windows PC.
  • Find the download link of n64 online 2020 at the bottom of the page.
  • Download the n64 Nintendo emulator for free and wait for the page to load and then install it.
  • Make one folder of the ROM files you download for Super Mario 64 and Nintendo games, ROMs, and n64 emulator you download and place all items of games and ROMs in that folder.

Now you can download a lot of games and other things supported by n64 even of the location as united states namely PlayStation games, Xbox one, ROMs PSP, super Mario 64, Nintendo, Goldeneye, cartridge, Emuparadise, Retroarch, classic games, plugins, cartridges, video plugin, classics, project settings, Perfect dark, best cheat codes, games for X box consoles and others. Everything is possible on this platform.


  • Android version 1.6 or above.
The site does not contain cookies or malicious ads. The information on the page is not to support any services mentioned. It is a guide for everyone wishing to download the N64 Nintendo games emulator.

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