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A Fabulous Free Virtual Pet Game!

Denise Waters

My Talking Angela is the perfect application for you to have your own little virtual pet and to fulfill your fantasies of having a real one. It is an application where ‘Angela’, is a cute little kitten you basically have to take care of.
My Talking Angela APK can help the users perform day to day tasks of bathing her, brushing her teeth, stroking her fur, feeding her and putting her to bed. You can also decorate her home and take care of her so that she grows up into an adorable cat with cute big eyes. The general color scheme of the game is pink and the graphics are nice and vibrant.
Apart from the regular activities, users can also dress up Talking Angela and give her all sorts of makeovers. You can shop for new dresses for her, give her any fancy hairstyle, choose accessories and even give her sparkly shiny makeup.
Talking Angela game ensures that you don’t get bored by just taking care of her and hence has some mini-games within it. ‘Brick Breaker’, ‘Suitcase Tower’ and ‘Tiny Puzzles’ are the three games which you can play to level up Angela and earn more coins. Thus, My Talking Angela app has a currency system which you can use to make purchases for her.
Once you complete a task or level up in the Angela game you earn stickers and cards which you can make an interesting collection of. Then you can even trade these sticker cards with other users in the same game to make your collection better and more attractive.
The regular talking feature of any Outfit 7’s game is also available in the My Talking Angela Android app. Hence you can make Angela repeat whatever you wish to in her high-pitched cat-like voice and record the happenings on screen, to also share them with friends and family.


  • Take care of Angela and bring her up well.
  • Give her makeovers and shop for new apparel for her.
  • Play the interesting mini-games to earn coins.
  • Level up to earn cards and trade them with others.
  • Easily record anything in her squeaky cute voice.
  • Feed her anything from fruits and veggies to junk food.
  • Vibrant interface and a shiny pop of the color pink.
  • Subtle indications of when to perform certain tasks.
  • Easy to use controls and big icons and menu bars.

The most interesting new feature of Talking Angela app is that there is a dance studio of Angela wherein you can practice new dance moves with her and learn all the latest ones to your favorite songs.

Name: My Talking Angela
Outfit7 Limited
App Version:
App Size: 96.8 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.1 & Higher
Category: Games > Entertainment
License Type: Free

Download My Talking Angela APK Free for Android to indulge in some pretty pampering of your fur friend and have fun while you play around with her.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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