Minecraft Pocket Edition

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Explore Infinite Worlds and Build with Creativity!

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Minecraft Pocket Edition is an opportunity for all creative minds to explore their abilities and get building. The game allows players to use different blocks for mining and works on a three-dimensional grid.

Minecraft Gaming Modes

Minecraft APK can help users play either in a basic Creative Mode and build using limited resources at their own free will or play in the Survival Mode where they have to explore the arena and mine resources to build as well as defend themselves against dangerous mobs.

The Creative Mode is heaven for all the artists and architects out there as one can build everything from a mundane hut to a majestic castle, the possibilities are endless. All the blocks in the Minecraft PE app can be broken down through mining to get more material and build newer things.

Minecraft PE APK

Minecraft PE APK allows us to explore a whole new marketplace for new creations and to get rare maps and skins. The Inventory keeps track of everything a player has collected and let them use these items to build impressive things.

The Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk download 2019 will have a multiplayer mode wherein a user can play the game cross-platform, with up to 10 friends on a private server, specially created for the user.

Another option on the Minecraft for Android devices is that of playing on multiplayer servers along with thousands of others across the world. There are a number of slash commands which players can use to distribute items, alter the time of the day they play in or even summon mobs and fight their way through.

Difference between Minecraft original and MCPE Apk

Minecraft Apk download differs from Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk download as Minecraft PE Apk is the mobile successor version of the Minecraft original download. The users of Minecraft: Pocket Edition are able to play with the live users of Xbox and Windows10, but there can not be any interaction with the Minecraft Java Edition.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition

Cost is also an essential factor to differentiate between these both and every updated version is considered as the Minecraft Pocket Edition.


  • Different modes to allow all types of users to play easily.
  • Chat with friends wherever.
  • Play solo or in a group of people.
  • The control system well adapted for a touchscreen.
  • Inventory to keep track of items.
  • Diversified commands to implement actions.
  • Crafting table to make new tools.

Users can try varied realms for free in the Minecraft PE game, exploring and mining a diversified terrain to build up their inventory with useful tools and items.


NameMinecraft Pocket Edition
App VersionLatest
App Size89 MB
Supported Android VersionAndroid 4.2 & Higher
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition free APK for Android devices to indulge in a game that gives one endless possibility when it comes to creating your own structures, anytime and anywhere.

How to Install Minecraft pocket edition?

For Minecraft PE installation, go to the Minecraft download link given in the article. Download Minecraft original and the latest version will have the important java files, next click the . Minecraft.msi link, this will download the new Minecraft installer. Now click on Run.

After running the installer open the Minecraft Launcher, this will start the Minecraft – You will see the icon on your desktop. After installation, the important game files will get automatically downloaded. Once everything is done, you are all set to enjoy your Minecraft pocket edition download.

Minecraft download free

You can play this game free on your browser by finding its browser version which is named as Minecraft Classic. To play it you don’t need to download Minecraft. This has come as a result of a celebration for completing 10 years successfully.


This Sandbox video game has won numerous awards and loved the most by its users. In spite of being a paid game, Minecraft PE download is recorded the most. You can for sure download Minecraft original for PC as there is nothing bad with it, but if you prefer to download Minecraft PE then you will be able to easily access the updated interface and features as well.

Therefore with all its advantages, we consider download Minecraft Pocket Edition a must-try in order to enhance your gaming experience.


  • Android version 4.2 or above.

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