Last Day on Earth

1.11.7 for Android Kefir!

Get Reddy to Survive in The Zombie World!

Denise Waters

Last Day On Earth may sound like another one of those survival games, but if you look closer, it is so much more. It is a third-person shooter game which is unlike any other game today.

Last Day on Earth APK can help you survive by using tactics, techniques and unfailing bravery and confidence in your abilities. The gameplay is simple to understand but requires a lot of skill to execute. You start off by creating your home which will be your operational base and proceed ahead from there.

The player has to explore the unending arena in the Last Day On Earth Game and collect items which may be of use to him. All the items you collect will be useful in some way or the other like making your weapons, additions to your house, for some mode of transport and so on.

You have to defend your own land and territory by adding traps and fortifications to get rid of any intruders. You can even go and raid the camps or homes of other players to collect items for your own survival in the Last Day on Earth App.


  • Customize your hero to your choices.
  • Build your home or shelter to stay safe.
  • Raise a pet animal for the company and a friend.
  • Craft your own weapons using different tools.
  • Multiplayer option to make a team with friends.
  • Keep check of your hero’s life stats like hunger, thirst etc.
  • Hunt wild animals for survival.
  • Kill whole groups or mobs of zombies you come across.

While playing the Last Day On Earth for Android devices you can interact with your friends and all of you can work together to survive in a land which has been infected by the zombie virus.

Name:Last Day on Earth
App Version:v1.14
App Size:70 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.1 & Higher
Category:Android > Games > Action & Adventure
License Type:Free

Download Last Day on Earth APK Free For Android devices to go on an interesting adventure of exploration and survival with limited resources, where only the strongest will survive.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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