Sure-Shot Way to Become a ‘Super User’!

KingRoot is a simple, easy and sure-shot way to become a ‘Super User’ and gain access to everything on your Android device, irrespective of the custom layers it comes with. Rooting enables one to fully control their device, discover many hidden features and get administrator access.

KingRoot APK can allow users to install the application and root their devices very easily with just one tap. This means that one gets rights to all settings and the permissions to do things they previously couldn’t. It is compatible with almost all Android devices and doesn’t cause any harm to the security of our device.

One major feature of the KingRoot app is that users can extend battery life and make their phones last much longer. One can save RAM for better performance and enable the apps to run smoothly. Users also have the option to eliminate pre-installed bloatware and even underclock their device to contribute to battery saving.

Another useful advantage of rooting our device is that it majorly speeds up the phones and enables them to work at lightning-fast speeds. King Root helps users to uninstall and disable useless apps like stock apps, all of which lags the speed of the device.

Bloatware basically refers to apps that come installed in the device and often run in the background without the user’s permission. They don’t cause any serious harm to the device but take up a lot of space, use battery life and even slow down the phone massively. Hence, it is preferable to do away with such apps and KingRoot for Android devices is the best solution to do so.

Users can customize features on their device through KingRoot latest version to even get rid of pop up ads that often occupy a major portion of the screen. It helps to simply block these ads and eliminate them once and for all through admin rights.


  • Removes pre-installed unnecessary apps.
  • Accelerates the speed of your device.
  • It helps the battery life last much longer.
  • Contributes to ad-free streaming.
  • Allows one to backup easily for future use.
  • Enhanced customization according to your choices.
  • Save up tons of space on the device.

There are certain applications and softwares which can only work on devices that are rooted and hence KingRoot new version will easily enable users to install the same on their devices. However, it is always important to keep in mind that rooting your device has its risk and hence utmost care should be taken while doing so.

Developer:KingRoot Studio
App Version:v5.3.7
App Size:12.6 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 2.3 & Higher
Category:Tools > Root Apps
License Type:Free

Download KingRoot APK Free for Android to gain access to all admin rights and control your phone like never before. Also, maximize the performance of your device and enjoy the best of what technology has to offer.


  • Android version 2.3 or above.

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