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Innumerable TV channels to watch online!

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IPTV is one-stop stop solution to solve all your problems of watching TV on your phone. It is an app which lets you watch all your favorite channels from the comfort of your small Android devices.

IPTV APK can help you watch these channels as long as you have a good functional internet connection. The app uses an external video player like VLC or MX player to play the channels and can be used to keep updated about the news, watch the latest streaming movies or even watch your football matches.

The user, however, has to add channels to the IPTV App which means they need to copy paste the URL of a specific channel or download a list of channels together. These channels are available for download on IPTV’s official website and can even be downloaded via blogging sites which offer the same.

IPTV for Android devices even lets the user customize the audio settings like its quality or add subtitles if they wish to. The channels which are downloaded can easily be categorized into sports, movies, news, music and so on.


  • Stream your favorite TV channels on your phone.
  • Download single channels or whole lists together.
  • Alter audio settings and quality.
  • Choose to view built-in subtitles or search the net for them.
  • Play the channels on an external video player.
  • Use the app on wifi for better quality.

The important point to be noted when using IPTV APK 2019 is that if you stream all the channels on your data connection, you will use up most of your data in a single viewing. It is ideal to watch over a wifi connection as the app uses up a lot of resources.

Developer:Alexander Sofronov
App Version:v5.1.9
App Size:16.47 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.0.3 & Higher
Category:Entertainment > Online TV, Movies And Series
License Type:Free

Download IPTV APK Free for Android devices to enjoy streaming all television channels on your phones and be able to watch a full movie at your own leisure or take a quick glance at the news on your way to work.


  • Android version 4.0.3 or above.

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