Hungry Shark World

3.1.2 for Android Ubisoft Entertainment

Live Every Day Like It’s Shark Day!

Denise Waters

Hungry Shark World is the most exciting action directed aqua game of the Hungry Shark series, in which the player takes up the character of a huge shark and has to swallow all sorts of preys which come in its way. This game can rightly be called as a thrilling and exciting game which will surely have you hooked to your phones.

Hungry Shark World APK gives a varied number of shark species to choose from and you can then take up the ocean challenge. In this way, you can discover the beautiful Pacific Islands, the exotic zone of the Arctics and even visit the magnificent Arabian Sea. The target food ranges from baby fishes, to the yummiest sea octopus or turtles. Moreover, even the uninformed dwellers enjoying the beaches can be your possible targets!

As different types of sharks are unlocked gradually, you gain to experience to control their own distinct features like a slower pace, a better eating capacity or a higher diving strength. The stunning graphics ensure that Hungry Shark World app amazes players with plenty of treasures to look out for. All of these can easily be grabbed by just tilting your phone to the left or right as you continue to play.

To add up to the adventure, Hungry Shark World Game also introduces competitors which demands strong and unbeatable gameplay from your side. As one proceeds with different levels of this game, there are numerous challenges and scores to unlock. In the end, the game is won by the one who proves to be the hungriest shark.


  • 3D graphics which are a visual treat.
  • Multiple bonuses to achieve the best scores.
  • Play across multiple Android devices at the same time.
  • Video uploads of the game on social media.
  • Exciting game stages with gems and coins you can earn.
  • Use Facebook to sync achievements across multiple devices.

The better you play in Hungry Shark World Android game the more your power will be. There is a God mode at the later stages which gives a player the king-like power to eat up anything and everything, ultimately leading to victory.

Name:Hungry Shark World
Developer:Ubisoft Entertainment
App Version:v3.5.0
App Size:35 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.2 & Higher
Category:Games > Action
License Type:Free

Download Hungry Shark World APK free for Android devices to bring out the undefeated player in you, while exploring the stunning and mysterious world of aquatic animals and plants.


  • Android version 4.2 or above.

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