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An App Essentially Designed To Inform You About Unsaved Contacts.

Denise Waters

Hello is an application that may not be very unique when it comes to its purpose but sure is quite useful. It helps you identify who is calling you in the event that you get a call from an unknown number.
Hello APK is an app by Facebook where it is well connected to your Facebook account and can display the Facebook details of anyone who calls you. However, this is only possible if that person is your Facebook friend and has added their phone number to their profile. The app takes this information from Facebook’s database and displays it to you.
When you get a call from an unknown number who is your Facebook contact, Hello App will give out all their details which they would have added on their Facebook profile. Thus you never have to worry about who is calling you because the app will always give you a prior warning.
Moreover, you can even use Hello for Android devices to block calls from certain numbers or users. This way any unwanted caller will not be able to call and disturb you incessantly. There is also an option of blocking calls from the private phone number which are not listed on the database. It has to be noted that, Hello is a dialer app supported by Facebook rather than a calling app.


  • Always be aware of who is calling you.
  • Get the full latest details of any phone number.
  • Block calls from unwanted people.
  • Search for certain people and places via the app.
  • Delete your call and search history with a tap.
  • Receive notifications about missed calls.
  • Always know the last seen of users.

The reason why people are downloading the Hello Android App is that no one likes to receive calls from unknown people and strangers. With this app’s help, you can always be prepared for answering your calls. Hello also permits you to text your Facebook friends, provided Messenger is installed on your phone.

Name: Hello
Developer: Facebook
App Version: v4.0.0
App Size: 10.88 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.0 & Higher
Category: Android > Communication > Phone Calls
License Type: Free
Downloads: 3,827,960

Download Hello APK Free for Android devices to access a useful and indispensable application that will always make you aware of your caller and help you stay away from unknown people.


  • Android version 4.0 or above.

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