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1.08 for Android Rockstar Games

The Most Sensational Action Thrilling Game is Now On Mobile Phones!

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Grand Theft Auto, a name all of us have at least heard, even if we didn’t ever play the game. The whole GTA saga has been breaking milestones of popularity and setting records for the most played games ever. A game that was released on the Play station platform as which was the best in sandbox gaming, has now arrived on Android wherein we can play the same on our small Android devices.

GTA San Andreas Mod APK is a favorite of all players which has been remodeled and released in a whole new avatar on the Android platform. This can rightly be called as the best release of Rockstar Games which has everyone hooked on to their phones.

All the games in the GTA series have a common storyline where the normal people turned criminals have to carry out missions which are dangerous and risky as they try to work for the good of the world. These series have it all, fights with criminals, robberies, thefts, people seeking revenge, killings, and murders. It’s like an action thriller which you get to be a part of.

An Interesting And Unique Storyline

The storyline in GTA San Andreas Mod Game is somewhat similar to the previous GTA games but unique in its own self. The main character, Carl Johnson or CJ, has returned home to his city Los Santos in San Andres, which he had left 5 years back. His mother has been murdered by some criminals and his friends are all in trouble. He had left the city to get away from all the crime and corruption but he is pulled back into it.

Unfortunately for CJ, he is framed by some corrupt cops for homicide and he has to embark on a dangerous journey to save himself as well as his family from ultimate doom. The three major cities of San Andreas are all covered in the GTA San Andreas Mod APK. These are Los Santos, Las Venturas, and San Fierro. The whole plot is set in the 90s era where all the cities, locations and characters are fictitious but are made to look quite realistic.

No Need To Worry About Limitations

Since this version is a Mod one wherein you have unlimited access to anything and everything you never have to worry about losing out on the important stuff because you ran out of ammo or material. So play to your heart’s content without having to worry about your stock and buying stuff.

Gameplay Which Has You Hooked

The gameplay is quite interesting and has you involved in a number of activities, like driving in the most offbeat areas and pulling off heists which are quite dangerous and risky.

All the controls in GTA San Andreas Mod App are completely customizable and you can choose to configure them the way you want. Any button can be moved to any part of the screen. Apart from that, like all other games, it’s meant to be played with two joysticks which you control using your left and right thumb on both edges of the screen. The controls are quite smooth and work well to give a great playing experience.

Customize Everything in The Game

The look of your main character, Carl Johnson can be completely customized as you want. You can choose from a number of outfits for him, give him whatever hairstyle you want and even give him a fancy tattoo which goes with his image. Moreover, you have the option of getting him in a gym and training him to learn new and useful fighting techniques.

The vehicles in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Mod APK have an endless amount of choice. There are up to 240 vehicles you can use including cars, bikes, speed boats, and even fighter jets. As you complete training missions in these vehicles or go on rides and races, your handling will improve. The more time you spend in them, the better your control will be.

Play Mindlessly And Wreak Havoc

Another great part about playing the GTA San Andreas OBB is that if you need to blow off some steam and just go on a mindless rampage, you can do so in this game. Many players simple start playing to just wreak havoc on the city and do whatever comes to their mind. The map of the game is huge and the weapons and vehicles are endless. There is no end to the possibilities in the world of GTA.

Great Music, Graphics, And Sounds

This game might be 10 years old, but the graphics are so mind-blowing, it is as good as new. They have been well adapted for Android screens and make good use of all the colors, patterns and shadows. The soundtracks are amazing and there are as many as 261 voice actors who give their voices for the dialogues. The radio stations can be used to create your own interesting music tracks and there are a number of interesting genres you can listen to while going on a mission. Help yourself with more information upon GTA San Andreas APK Data given in below table.

Name:GTA San Andreas Mod APK
Developer:Rockstar Games
App Version:v1.08
App Size:26.3 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.0 & Higher
Category:Android > Mod > Games > Action
License Type:Free
Modded Features:Unlimited Money, Energy, And Game Resources

GTA San Andreas Mod is, without doubt, one of the most interesting, engaging and engrossing games in a long time which has been adapted so well to the Android platform that once you start playing, you will never be able to stop. Download GTA San Andreas Mod APK Free For Android devices to embark on a whole new journey filled with criminals and warlords.


  • Android version 4.0 or above.

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