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Denise Waters

Google Translate is a reliable Google Service that can be used to translate any text anytime. This application provides us with the ability to translate any text in any language to any other language.

Google Translate APK can help users translate texts in real time in a matter of minutes. One simply has to input the required text and choose the language for it to be translated to. When it comes to languages, the app supports almost 103 different languages starting right from Spanish and German to Filipino and Sudanese.

Users can translate texts even when they are not connected to the internet via offline feature. This requires them to download the respective packages for those languages from the Google Translate App configuration menu. Once it’s done, you needn’t worry about slow connections or no connectivity, even if you’re abroad.

Google Translate for Android devices can also be used to translate any text on other apps on your phone by simply tapping on them. The app not only translates words for you but even lets you listen to their pronunciation which is very useful when in a different country.

The app can also be integrated with the camera to translate any text seen in the viewfinder. This feature can be used to translate words of upto 38 languages. Moreover, for higher quality translations you can take a picture of that text and then translate it.

Google Translate Android app lets you have conversations with others through its instant translation of a 2-way speech. Moreover, one can save their translations by highlighting them to enable easy access for future reference. This can be done by viewing the history and chronology of translations.


  • Translate upto 103 languages.
  • Voice translation as it auto-detects languages.
  • Save translations for future use.
  • Translate offline even without a data connection.
  • Share translations with others by copying them to the clipboard.
  • Use your camera for instant or high-quality translations.
  • Have conversations with 2-way translations.
  • Tap to translate text into another app on your phone.

Another reason for many cases of Google Translate App download is that fact that apart from text and voice, users can even draw certain characters on their clipboard to translate them to another language.

Name:Google Translate
Developer:Google LLC
App Version:v6.1.1.RC05.263290440
App Size:17.3 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.2 & Higher
Category:Tools > Dictionaries & Translation Tools
License Type:Free

Download Google Translate APK Free for Android devices to have a handy application for any translation anytime and to facilitate a conversation with others without a language barrier.


  • Android version 4.2 or above.

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