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Google Maps is an indispensable navigation tool which is sure to have your back wherever you go. This app uses real-time GPS Navigation and your device’s network connection to direct you to any place you want to reach.

Google Maps APK can help users with the most basic advantage where you can view a location and then ask the app to direct you to that location. It shows your real-time position on a map while also giving voice commands as directions. The app shifts over to a black screen for night mode to give less strain to your eyes as well.

The application has maps of almost 220 countries of its database, thus helping you in your own city or even abroad. Not just navigation, but Google Maps App also gives you suggestions of the local places around like restaurants and events. ‘Your Match’ is a feature which will show you the place you are most likely to go for.

The app gives you the ETA at a place by taking into account your speed as well as real-time traffic and also the mode of transport you use. It even lets you know about the public transportation options you can use. Google Maps for Android devices ensures you always take the shortest possible route and reach everywhere on time by automatic reroutes.

‘Street View’ is another interesting feature of the Google Maps Android app which shows you a close up of the streets and even lets you view the insides of any famous building like a restaurant or museum. When it comes to a huge airport or stadium, the app lets you view an indoor map to find your way with ease.

There is also a feature of offline viewing wherein one can download maps and access them without needing an internet connection. You can create a list of places you like, share them with others and cast votes on it in real time to easily make your group plans. There are also suggestions of local places given by experts along with a rating for each.


  • Real-time GPS Navigation in any part of the world.
  • Offline viewing of maps by downloading them.
  • Information about live traffic and rush hours.
  • Access your past search history.
  • Voice commands at every turn or lane change.
  • Easily make group plans by sharing and voting on places.
  • Updates about public transport services.

The reason for multiple cases of Google Maps app download is also because the user can alternate between a normal map viewing or a satellite viewing, apart from all the amazing features it has as it is.

Name:Google Maps - Navigate & Explore
Developer:Google LLC
App Version:v10.22.2
App Size:32.2 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.4 & Higher
Category:Lifestyle > Transport and Travels
License Type:Free

Download Google Maps APK Free for Android devices to travel with ease wherever you go, always be updated about the trending places around and make your journeys much more interesting.


  • Android version 4.4 or above.

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