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Denise Waters

Google Earth is the perfect Google application to let you explore and visit any part of the world in 3 dimensions. It works by using satellite and aerial images as well as locations and knowledge about the geography of a particular region.

Google Earth APK can help users take a visual tour of any part of the world by either tapping and swiping across the globe on screen or even searching for a particular place in the search bar. It is an application very well adapted to touch screens and you can even switch over to Street View for a closer look.

One simply has to pinch the screen to zoom out, tap to zoom in and use their fingers to rotate the globe. The excellent graphics and HD quality of Google Earth app make the whole 3D viewing experience much better. You can view any location from multiple angles and change the camera perspectives as well.

Users can enable the feature of ‘Layers’ to access more information about a location from other sources like Wikipedia which will show photos and tell us about the place all from within the app. Google Earth for Android also lets you alter the orientation of the compass and view a place from different directions.

Google Earth Android app lets users even check out their current location from a satellite view, right down to a close bird’s eye view of their home. You can even roll the dice and let the app take you to any random location on the planet if you’re feeling lucky. Users can create their own list of saved locations for future reference or share any locations with their friends and family from within the app.

The reason for multiple cases of the Google Earth App Download is an interesting new feature of ‘Voyager.’ This feature allows you to visit interesting places which have been picked by specialists like Discovery, NASA, BBC Earth etc. It will offer suggestions to view quaint, unexplored places all around the world.


  • Two or three-dimensional view of the world.
  • Bird’s eye view or a zoomed in the street view of a location.
  • Randomly search for new locations of input a specific search.
  • Share your current location or links of some new one.
  • Save certain places in your personal list.
  • Voyager to view the rare, specially picked locations on Earth.
  • Enable or disable Layers for extra information.
  • High-quality HD graphics technology.

Another useful feature of the Google Earth Android app is that users can customize the number of resources used by the application. You can alter the settings for use of the device’s navigation sensors and cache.

Name:Google Earth
DeveloperGoogle LLC
App Version:v9.2.50.8
App Size:10.1 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.1 & Higher
Category:Lifestyle > Transport And Travels
License Type:Free

Download Google Earth APK Free for Android devices to go on virtual tours all over the world from the comforts of your own home. Explore the unexplored, build your general knowledge and see the mysteries of our planet.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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