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Google Duo is the fastest, most widely used and immensely reliable video calling app of Google. It works with maximum ease on your smartphone as well as tablet, making the video calling experience much more comfortable for you.
Google Duo APK can help users make their calls by simply linking the app to their contacts which shows all the people available on it. It has the advantage of having a very simple and minimalistic interface which makes it the easiest app to use among others of its kind.
The best feature about Google Duo App is ‘Knock Knock’ which means that if someone calls you, their camera gets activated and you can see them while they can’t. This feature is unique to only this app and is useful as you will always know who exactly is calling you from where before you choose to answer.
The video calling quality of Google Duo for Android devices does depend on your internet connection and connectivity, but even on a poor network, the app works at its best to ensure that even if the video lags a little, you can hear the audio clearly. As for a good connection, the picture quality is excellent and the audio is clean and uninterrupted.
Google Duo Android app lets you make cross-platform video calls, which means that even if you have an Android you can still call someone else with an iOS device too. Apart from video calls, users can also make simple voice calls over the Duo App network, all free of cost.
Duo APK lets you make video messages to send to your friends as well. So if someone is busy and unavailable to attend a call, you can easily send them a small video message conveying any information or asking them to call you back.


  • Fast and reliable video calling.
  • Multi-platform calls in a single tap.
  • Connect with any friends anywhere as long as they have the app.
  • Live video preview to see who’s calling before you answer.
  • Send video messages if no one picks up.
  • Conveniently make voice calls as well.
  • Clean and minimalistic interface.
  • Highest quality with clear pictures and spotless audio.

The Duo Android App is becoming more prevalent and widely used among users due to all these fantastic features and helps you communicate with others, all free of charge.

Name: Google Duo
Google LLC
App Version:
App Size: 18.4 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.4 & Higher
Category: Communication > Phone Calls
License Type: Free

Download Google Duo APK Free for Android devices to engage in interesting conversations with your loved ones over an innovative app which makes offers the best of technology to you.

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