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Ultimate Survival Shooter Game Available on Mobile!

Denise Waters

Garena Free Fire formerly Free Fire Battlegrounds is another one of the ‘Battle Royale’ games which are breaking the internet with their popularity nowadays. The game works on the concept of ‘Last Man Standing’ and a player has to fight with 49 other players to achieve victory.

Garena Free Fire formerly Free Fire Battlegrounds APK gives players the opportunity to collect weapons, ammunition, and equipment which will help them sustain and fight against others in the game. The players are all dropped onto a deserted island via a parachute in the start of the game and then they have a total of 10 minutes to either kill or be killed.

Strategizing and coming up with a plan for action is integral to Free Fire as one cannot just mindlessly go around shooting others. While you are planning to kill them, they are planning to do the same to you, so you need to be vigilant and watch your back at all times.

The whole arena in Free Fire Battlegrounds is so designed that players can engage in a lot of actions like hiding, exploring buildings, using camouflage and continuously searching for new weapons and equipment to build up your inventory. It is important to build up your arsenal in the Free Fire Game as soon as you drop down because the game is very fast-paced and action-packed.

While there is a time constraint in the Free Fire Game Download there is also a force field that gradually keeps closing in on the players as the game nears its end. So if you’re not careful, you might just die due to it before someone else kills you. The safe zones can help you in such cases, which keep popping up occasionally and can be spotted on the map.

There are a number of vehicles in the Free Fire Battlegrounds Garena which can assist your movement on the map. You can use these to travel quickly and even run over other players if they come in your way. The only catch is that you cannot use your weapons while seated in the vehicle.


  • HD Quality and smooth and realistic graphics.
  • Huge arena to explore and use for survival.
  • Huge collection of weapons to choose from.
  • Various vehicles which you can use to your advantage.
  • Create a squad of 4 friends and build an alliance.
  • Chat with them while playing the game to finalize your strategy.
  • Thrilling gameplay and unpredictable results.

The reason for many cases of Free Fire Android Game Download is that it is the ultimate shooting and survival game where your opponents are real-life players and even your friends, making the gameplay much more interesting.

Name:Garena Free Fire
App Version:v1.39.0
App Size:64 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.0.3 & Higher
Category:Games > Action
Licence Type:Free

Download Garena Free Fire APK for Android devices to embark on a thrilling new adventure which not only makes you use your brain but also gives a huge rush of adrenaline.


  • Android version 4.0.3 or above.

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