Gangstar Vegas

4.0.0i for Android Gameloft

Roll Up On A Dangerously Fun Trip To The Mafia World Of Los Vegas!

Denise Waters

Gangstar Vegas is a sandbox style action packed game which will surely grab the interest of every user who loves to play such games. It is a thrilling game wherein the player has to survive in the crime-filled underworld of Las Vegas.

Gangstar Vegas APK can help you perform innumerable actions as you explore the whole city. You can fight in a hand to hand combat, you can use weapons like rifles and handguns and you can even choose to race across the streets in your favorite vehicle. There are almost 80 different missions that you can take part in while playing the game.

The main character is an MMA star who gets involved in a world of crime and theft. You have to take part in thefts, perform murders, carry out business deals, do car chases and much more in the Gangstar Vegas Game. The game is a continuation of the Grand Theft Auto series, but in a much cooler way than before.

You can choose from a plethora of weapons like snipers, flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails, machine guns and so on. There are also all kinds of vehicles in the Gangstar Vegas App like monster trucks, tanks, bikes, cars and even fighter jets that you can fly. You can customize all your gear and outfits to suit your personal choices as well.


  • Rule the sin city and become a big-time gangster.
  • Las Vegas city is 9 times bigger than before.
  • Havok physics engine which will make your stunts come alive.
  • Win challenges and climb up places in the leaderboard.
  • Carnage and Heist modes to use your sniper skills.
  • Perform skill upgrades to better your driving and shooting ability.
  • Earn tons of money by playing casino games.
  • Share your skills with friends via screenshots.

The Gangster Vegas For Android devices not only have you fighting against other people but even has a supernatural element to it. This means that you engage in fights with zombies and robots too once you unleash the wrath of hell.

Name:Gangstar Vegas
App Version:v4.4.0m
App Size:34 MB
Supported Android Version:Android 4.0.3 & Higher
Category:Android > Games > Action & Adventure
License Type:Free

Download Gangstar Vegas APK Free For Android devices to carry out the most exciting actions required for you to survive in the underworld and make your name in the city of Vegas.


  • Android version 4.0.3 or above.

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